A happy patient singles out a nurse on the NCCU at Lions Gate Hospital (Meghan Kindree) for her diligence, compassion and understanding.

‘She was nothing short of amazing and LGH is lucky to her have her as a staff member!’

To Whom It May Concern:

I had surgery at Lions Gate Hospital recently and then spent the following week in the NCCU on floor 7E. I received more than competent care from all staff members BUT one member of staff stood head and shoulders above all others – Meghan Kindree.

Whenever I was awoken to the phrase ‘Hello Conrad, it’s Meghan, I’ll be your nurse for today’ I knew that I was going to be in for a comfortable day due to her diligent care.

She was nothing short of amazing and LGH is lucky to her have her as a staff member!

I have always been happy with my career choice ( high school teacher), believing I would have an impact on people’s lives. I am now looking at changing my career to nursing because of my time with Meghan. I know the impact I have on my students’ lives will never be as great (not even close) as the impact Meghan has had in my life!

I will be eternally grateful for the care I received from her while at Lions Gate Hospital. She definitely helped get me through a very trying time with her outstanding knowledge and her bedside manner was impeccable.

I feel her professionalism deserves to be recognized. As I went in circles trying to find the correct place to send this email I saw various pins and recognition on Facebook for outstanding members of staff. I feel this is the very least she deserves. If this recognition is something that looks good on a member of staffs’ resume, then please let me know what I can do to help this happen as it is the bare minimum I can do to say thank you.


An eternally grateful patient


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