HOpe Centre psychiatrists Drs. Allan Burgmann, Elizabeth Baerg Hall, Jordan Cohen and Chinedu Iro put in a solid effort making lattes at the Anti-Stigma event at Blenz Cafe Thursday.

May the froth be with you, say HOpe Centre psychiatrists turned baristas

Four HOpe Centre psychiatrists looked very much at ease behind the counter of the HOpe Blenz Café today as they took over barista duty to make lattes for coffee lovers.

In celebration of National Mental Health Awareness Week May 1 to 7,  psychiatrists Drs. Chinedu Iro, Allan Burgmann, Elizabeth Baerg Hall and Jordan Cohen shifted gears for an Anti-Stigma Day event and created latte “masterpieces” by donation to visitors to the HOpe Centre. The team put in a solid effort, but are likely happy they can go back to their day jobs.

The event was hosted by North Shore resident and CKNW Radio host Jon McComb on May 4th.

The event was held to highlight the work of the North and West Vancouver Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association who work with partners to provide prevention and recovery services to residents of the North Shore.

For more information, contact Sandra Severs, Executive Director, CMHA North and West Vancouver.

Dr. Chinedu Iro got lucky with an iced latte.

Dr. Jordan Cohen makes his first attempt at a latte.

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