A public event on May 24 to discuss Squamish’s Official Community Plan and how it will shape the district’s future growth in a way that is sustainable and provides a high quality of life for residents is being held at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

Speak Up for Health in Squamish

Sixty per cent of our health is determined by where we live, work, learn and play. Ten per cent of population health outcomes can be attributed to our physical or built environment with an additional 50% related to social and economic determinants.

Local governments currently provide essential social and physical infrastructure necessary to support community health and well-being. With the growing levels of preventable chronic illnesses such as diabetes and obesity, both our health care system and governments have an interest in reducing these preventable diseases.

We are currently working on this through our Healthy Families BC partnerships. VCH has been working collaboratively with the District of Squamish on their Official Community Plan (OCP), which sets a vision for how Squamish will develop over the next 25 years and help guide decisions on planning, land use and community services.

VCH was able to offer expertise from the Medical Health Officer, Population Healthy Policy Consultants, Senior Environmental Health Officers, Dietitians, Public Health Managers, Public Health Nurses and Healthy Built Environment team.

Official Community Plan and health issues

The OCP highlights 3 key health issues:
1) Early Childhood Development: Squamish is a growing community of families with young children making it vital to prioritize investments and partnerships that promote the healthy growth and development of children.
2) Active Transportation: Ensuring a safe and accessible system that supports walking and cycling for all ages and abilities. Although Squamish is a physically active community, it relies heavily on vehicles which impact health in terms of air quality, sedentary behaviour and even mental health.
3) Food Systems: Increasing access to healthy, affordable food through supporting local production and agriculture by partnering with local groups like Squamish Food Policy Council and Squamish CAN.

A public event will be held on Wednesday, May 24 from 6 to 9 pm at Brennan Park Recreation Centre. Please view further details here.

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