Grateful patients say thank you for the care they’ve received at Richmond Hospital’s ED and OASIS program.

‘I have great comfort knowing she had the best care possible, that she was safe and secure, and that she mattered’

After her mother passed away recently at the Kiwanis Care Centre on the North Shore, one daughter has nothing but praise for the “angels,” who took care of not only her mom, but herself and all their family.

Dear Staff of KCC, especially Lonsdale Terrace West,

There truly aren’t enough words to thank each and every one of you for the kindness, care and love shown towards my mother, Gloria Kanski, throughout her 6 plus years living at KCC, but especially in the last week of her life.  It was a long, tiring and emotional week for all of us, but the professionalism, warmth and TLC shown to not only my Mother, but myself and all our family, was truly heartwarming.  I’ve never been so pampered with meals and offers of ‘is there anything I can get you?’  All the little touches made a big difference under the circumstances, and made it easier for myself and my family to be at Mom’s side during her final days.

Without fail, every time someone came in to care for Mom, each staff member spoke to her, and explained what they were doing, and treated Mom with the utmost respect and dignity.  Everyone from the laundry folks, to music therapy, to care aides and nurses, and everyone in between.   I really was so impressed, and touched – to know that my Mom was not just a resident, but part of a family that is all of you wonderful human beings at KCC.  There sure was a lot of love mixed in with her care.  I have no regrets in my decision to move Mom to KCC in May of 2011. While the past couple of years had been especially difficult health wise, prior to that being engaged in activities, resident council,  outings and making friends – truly was life enriching for her.

Mom/Gloria was one of a kind, and while she wasn’t always easy to care for, I know she considered many of you dear friends, loved you and appreciated your kindness.  I have great comfort knowing she had the best care possible, that she was safe and secure, and that she mattered.  From the bottom of my heart, I want to say Thank You from Gloria and I, my brother Chris and all the grandchildren.  We loved our little Mama so very much and I know you did too.  Keep up the amazing work you do, all of you angels, and know that your caring hearts, and very hard working selves, truly are making a difference in the lives of our most fragile citizens.

With respect and appreciation and love,

Lisa Ayton



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