Go on a few walking meetings, get your card stamped and you can earn this VCH umbrella that comes with reflective tape for safer walking in the dark.

Reminder: Walking Meeting challenge continues as part of We Walk campaign

Did you know that walking meetings are good for you? A half hour status update conducted on foot can give you a third of the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Take your meeting outside and revive yourself with fresh air, physical activity and an expanded horizon to reduce eye strain.

Walking Meetings are easy to plan. Pick up your jacket and water bottle or commuter mug and set off out the door. Start walking in a low-traffic environment and then at half your allotted meeting time, turn back. Bring a smart phone to dictate some of the wrap-up points or action items. If it’s a phone call, consider going for a walk: keep it safe by wearing only one earbud.

Earn a VCH umbrella

Commit to a few Walking Meetings before Remembrance Day as part of the We Walk campaign at the Lions Gate Hospital campus.

Pick up a Walking Meeting Card and get it stamped at the coffee shop Andrew’s on Eighth – St Andrews Avenue & 8th Street – no purchase necessary to get your card stamped. Earn double stars when raining, drizzly or if the sidewalk is wet! Collect 5 stars by Remembrance Day for a gift card or VCH umbrella.

Cards can be picked up  at the LGH Foundation Office or at Andrew’s on Eighth. Or come visit us at the We Walk info table in the LGH main foyer (most) Tuesdays prior to Remembrance Day from 11:30 am -1 pm.


  1. Catriona Hardwick, Public Health Nurse says:

    We would like to adopt this on the Sunshine Coast in Public Health! Do you have any resources we could share here in the rural community with our teams?

    1. Fiona Hughes says:

      Hi Catriona. That’s great news. I am going to get Arthur Orsini to connect with you. He’s VCH’s Active Transportation Lead.

      1. Arthur Orsini says:

        I always enjoy helping to revise existing tools to better serve the wider community – let’s discuss how this can work in your community. …then we will post and share. thanks for your curiosity!

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