Staff kudos: ‘Many thanks to all’ at Bella Coola General Hospital

I wish to compliment the staff and doctors at the Bella Coola General Hospital for the level of care that I received during my recent stay there. I was admitted on October 29 via ambulance with an exacerbation of my COPD. The attending doctor happened to be my family doctor assisted by Myriam Pryms, a most professional nurse.

They got me stabilized and handed me off to the hospital staff, who arranged my room within the hour and made sure that I was very comfortable. Again, the staff was very professional and competent and I was made to feel secure. I was discharged a few days later with all meds being secured for me so that the transition from the hospital to my home was seamless.

Again, I cannot begin to thank all the staff, from the cleaner to the doctors for the care given to me. They went beyond the care that is given in a lot of facilities today and are to be commended for the level of service that they give. All this headed up by Dr. Amber Bacenas who in my estimation is a “cut above” most doctors in practice today.

My many thanks to all!

Bella Coola General Hospital and Clinic.

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