Arthur Orsini, VCH’s Active Transportation Lead, measures out reflective tape for a staffer.

Iron-On some visibility at Lions Gate Hospital

Chances are that at least one of your commutes these days is done in the darker hours of the morning or evening. Although cyclists are commonly decked out in bright or reflective rain jackets, those of us walking, using transit or driving are more likely to be wearing dark winter coats.

For a second time, VCH is holding a series of Iron-On Visibility events at the three largest acute centres. Bring your winter coat, bring a mug for a free cup of hot coffee and iron a reflective strip onto the back collar of your winter coat. This is just one of many creative and stylish ways to make your winter wear just a little bit more present at night.

Richmond Hospital Iron-On event: Monday,  Dec 4th in the main lobby near Starbucks from 11:30am-1pm

Lions Gate Hospital Iron-On event: Tuesday, Dec 5th in the main lobby near the gift shop from 11:30am-1pm

Vancouver General Hospital Iron-On event: Wednesday, Dec 6th in the main lobby the gift shop from 11:30am-1pm

If you’ve got your own clever, stylish and visible solutions to #BeSeenInDarkCoats then check out the social media trends.

Crashes with pedestrians spike in fall and winter as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease. When pedestrians get hurt, nobody wins. Whether you’re driving on the road or walking on the sidewalk, safety is up to all of us. Almost one in five people killed in car crashes across B.C. are pedestrians.

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  1. Laura Mahood says:

    This a great idea! Are there other reflective devices available for staff?
    Many of our Community Health workers work in the evening taking care of our clients in the community.
    It would be great to offer other reflective material for them.
    thank you kindly,

  2. Grethe Thorburn says:

    Great idea.
    How do VCH employees in Coastal Rural sites (Sunshine Coast/Squamish/Powell River ) obtain iron-on reflective strips and maybe enjoy similar events?
    In Sechelt there are many 4 way stop cross walks and other cross walks that do not have crossing lights and are not well lit.


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