Coastal COO keeps My VCH commitment

Last week, Karin kept her promise and visited Susie Chant, program leader for home and community care.

Susie leads a team of discharge care coordinators (DCC), care coordinators, case managers, a quick response team (QRT), a primary care home team (PCHT) and an adult guardianship coordinator.

She talked to Karin about the various disciplines within community care and the supports her teams provide.

“We reviewed some of the functionality of PARIS, and how it is useful in terms of knowing how to pull snapshots of clients and their care for planning purposes,” said Susie. “I also discussed with Karin how other types of support could be utilized, or better utilized. For example, social workers, rehab workers and housing workers.”

Karin and Susie met with QRT RN and DCCs to examine the process of getting clients from hospital to residential care. They also visited the emergency department to view it through the lens of a DCC and went to Health Connections to discuss the evolving role of the PCHT.

“It was a terrific experience where many of the critical pieces of communication and the tools used by community to manage care of clients (and keep them well in the community) were shared,” Karin said. “I appreciated Susie sharing where she thought we could improve the workplace experience for staff.”

Susie believes it’s beneficial to have thoughtful discussions about how our services are delivered currently and how they could be delivered in the future more effectively or with a greater scope of client access and support.

“I watch as things unfold, and speak to gaps/discrepancies as I observe them.  I also try hard to recognize when gains have been made, and articulate those to my teams, and to my leadership group,” she says.

Karin said what struck her most was how passionate Susie and her team are.

“Each person is so committed to making a difference for the clients and are proud of the role that they play in the client journey,” Karin said. “Looking forward to meeting more people in community care and hearing about their experience working for Coastal.”

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