A family whose father passed away recently wrote to commend the incredible care provided by LPN Mary Orydzuk, who works at the North Shore Hospice and on 7W (Palliative Care) at Lions Gate Hospital.

‘I’m in absolute awe of the care provided (at the North Shore Hospice)’

My father was a recent patient in the North Shore Hospice. I am in absolute awe of the care provided here. The facility is beautiful, calm and highly therapeutic.

The care from each staff member was exceptional:  professional, warm, individualized, flexible and respectful. All beyond anything I have seen. Amongst all the staff there are so many wonderful care aides, as well as nurses like Angela and Elizabeth.

In this centre of excellence, there was one nurse in particular who provided our family with the most amazing and consistent care. Unequalled really.

She is a Licensed Practical Nurse named Mary.  In my decades of being a manager in health care, I do not believe I’ve seen a nurse who exhibited such excellence with their patients, families and co-workers. We felt privileged to have her care for our dad.

If we could video tape Mary at work we would have the perfect teaching tool for conscientious attention to detail, critical thinking and decision making, therapeutic alliance, knowledge of the field and willingness to share and educate in a gentle and sensitive way. Her skill set for being able to care for patients and families is outstanding.

I could go on for some time describing the work and actions of this brilliant nurse. What I feel I cannot do is describe just how very much this care has meant to our family.

As a manager, we sometimes do not get the opportunity to really see and know the work of our staff up close. This is one of the reasons why it is my joy to share what we have received from this outstanding nurse, Mary, working amongst a truly wonderful hospice staff, where the bar for quality care is certainly very high.

Thank you, Mary.



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