‘Thank you for making me feel safe, cared for and supported’ at Lions Gate Hospital

A shoutout to Lions Gate Hospital!!!

I delivered my daughter via a scheduled C-section on February 5th and I stayed at the hospital until my discharge on February 8th. First of all, I would like to thank Krista in NST for always being reassuring that my baby was okay and being very helpful with appointments and thorough with my numerous questions. Your help and support meant the world to me.

I had a scheduled C-section at Lions Gate Hospital and quite honestly, I was scared out of my mind. My son’s birth almost four years ago was an emergency C-section and it ended up being one of the happiest and scariest days of my life. We had a hard time having a baby and I was told on the evening that I delivered him, that I might not make it.

Less than a week before my C-section a woman decided to tell me about two people that she knew that didn’t make it during childbirth. This reinforced my fears… having kids has made my desire to live so strong ( and also my fear of death very real).

My OB, Dr. Lynn Schouls (who is a very caring, smart and an all around excellent doctor – I adore her) came and saw me beforehand to see how I was doing/ feeling. What a caring thing to do! I was prepped and brought to the OR. I was fearful and crying. One of the first people that I saw in the OR was Ally. She saw how scared I was and she held my hand and reassured me several times in a calming manner, while still hearing what I was feeling. She was fabulous, gentle and reassuring. Thank you Ally.

Everyone in the OR introduced themselves to me – Dr. Wong, the anesthesiologist , Dr. Schouls, two residents, Ally, a nurse from the interior. It was a room full of caring, smart, educated women. What a wonderful way to bring a girl into this world! Several people (Dr. Wong, Ally ) kept checking in with me while Dr. Schouls performed the C-section to see how I was doing. I did not feel alone, and even though I did feel scared this helped to keep calm me.

Afterwards, Karon was with me until they were ready to send me over to the maternity ward. She was very comfortable to be around. She reminded me of my friend Nancy who’s from Newfoundland – salt of the earth type of person. Easy to talk with, friendly and helpful.

In the maternity ward I once again had excellent nurses! There was Elaine, who left a beautiful little hat with sparkles and all for my little one. Bobbi, a teaching nurse who bathed my daughter in front of her students. She was so delightful and fun. The students have an excellent teacher. There was Nicole, Ann and Jennifer who were always checking in on me and making me as comfortable as possible, helping me with breastfeeding and being willing, and able to help in a very genuine caring way.

I’m not sure if this is routine, but Dr. Schouls checked in on me everyday. She asked me how I was doing, about my pain and gave me advice to help me with my recovery. Her bedside manner is caring, warm and supportive.

The nurses who cared for me during my stay made my visit as pleasant as possible. Always willing to help with my needs, whether it be nursing, pain management or care. I was in very good hands.

If I missed anyone it’s not because I didn’t appreciate you. I did. I was in pain and unfortunately I can’t remember everyone’s name.

Thank you ladies/health care professionals of Lions Gate Hospital.  You are all professional, caring and dedicated women.

Thank you for making me feel safe, cared for and supported.

Susan Little


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