RN Maureen McKernan, volunteer Sharon Larson and PCC Sheila Hardy were celebrated for their 40 years of service.

ICYMI: North Shore Long Service Awards in photos and quotes

Dozens of staff and volunteers from across the North Shore gathered inside the HOpe Centre atrium on March 15 to celebrate and be honoured at the VCH Long Service Awards. The event was hosted by Karin Olson, Chief Operating Officer, Coastal, and co-sponsored by LGH Foundation.

“As an organization, we strive to ensure we provide a great place for our staff to work – a culture where they feel valued. So today’s event is just one of the ways in which we do that,” said Karin. “There has been much to celebrate in the past year – far too many highlights to mention here. And sometimes it’s easy to forget about those successes as we get caught up in our day-to-day work.”

More than 800 VCH-North Shore staff members celebrated milestone anniversaries, including:

  • 127 people with 10 years of service
  • 46 staff with 15 years of service
  • 38 staff with 20 years of service
  • 42 staff with 25 years of service
  • 22 staff with 30 years of service
  • 6 staff with 35 years of service
  • 3 staff with 40 years of service
  • 1 staff with 45 years of service
  • 1 staff with 50 years of service
  • 1 volunteer with 55 years of service

Together these folks have contributed a total of 4,910 years of service to patients, clients, residents and visitors. And this year, more than 1,700 staff, physicians and volunteers across all of VCH will be recognized.

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Dr. Ross Brown, Co-Senior Medical Director, honours staff celebrating a 20-year milestone with VCH.

Quotes from the event

As part of the event, Karin also said a few words about staff in attendance who were celebrating 30 years and more. Here are a few of the folks she spoke about:

30 years

  • Milagrosa Escorpion Sandoval – “Mila, as an acute care aide, your dedicated and collaborative teamwork with the palliative and hospice care team is second to none! Your caring nature and sense of humour instantly puts palliative patients and their families at ease. Thank you for your 30 years with VCH.”

    Staff and volunteers honoured for their 30 years of service.

  • Lesley Bennett-Scott – “Lesley, as a senior Community Health Nurse you have always stepped forward to provide strong mentorship to junior staff. You have cared for many of our most complex palliative clients in a compassionate and skilled manner that has been so much appreciated by the clients and their families.”

35 years

Staff and volunteers celebrating the 35-year milestone.

  •  Jo-Ann Huber – “Jo is an amazing leader who works tirelessly to support her staff and ensure quality patient care. We are so excited to have Jo in a formalized leadership role at this time and appreciate her positive attitude and dedication. Thank you and congratulations!
  • Roseline Pillay – “Roseline, your hard work, commitment and dedication to quality care and service has made you an invaluable member of the North Shore Home Support team. We are so glad to have you. Thank you and congratulations!”

40 years

  • Sheila Hardy – “Sheila cares passionately about her colleagues and her work in the Surgical Day Care and Post Anesthesia Care Unit.  Sheila has so much experience that her teams say she makes the work look effortless. Her team spirit and her “join in” attitude are well known in the hospital. There isn’t an occasion that doesn’t get celebrated or acknowledged in the SDC/PACU – and Sheila is often involved.

45 years

  • Kaija Suni – “Very recently we celebrated Kaija’s retirement from LGH.  She will be dearly missed in both PACU and endoscopy. But now she can devote her time to her three favourite pastimes: cross country skiing, crafting and gardening.  I hope we will see Kaija back for the Christmas Craft Fair. Thank you for your 45 years of service, Kaija.”

50 years

Dr. Ross Brown, co- Senior Medical Director, Coastal, says a few words about Dr. Brian Hunt for his 50 years of service.

  • Dr. Brian Hunt – “One of our longest serving staff members is physician who has had a remarkable half-century career – Dr. Hunt. He missed the 45-year event five years ago so I am delighted he’s here today. Brian played an instrumental role in developing the neuro unit at LGH and advocating for sustainable services in support of neuro and trauma that has undoubtedly saved many lives. We can’t thank you enough for your contributions to LGH, the Foundation and all the patients you have taken care of.”

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