Austin Harris Residence, owned and operated by SUCCESS in Steveston, will open 25 new Adult Day Program beds in May. The partnership between VCH Richmond and SUCCESS will result in 37,650 new service hours annually.

New ADP spaces coming on-stream for Richmond seniors

High quality adult day programs (ADPs) reinforce “the right care, in the right place” philosophy while providing a proactive and preventative service for seniors can be safely supported to live at home.

For this reason, VCH Richmond announced today that it will be partnering with SUCCESS to create 25 new Adult Day Program (ADP) spaces in Richmond. The new ADP will be co-located at SUCCESS’s Austin Harris Assisted Living site in Steveston.

“With the support of day program care, seniors with both functional and cognitive needs can be maintained safely in their own communities with the added benefit of respite for the caregivers who are providing many of the supports at home,” said Nellie Hariri, director, Richmond Home and Community Care. “These spaces will provide welcome relief for caregivers who may be experiencing burnout.”

A year of planning

VCH Richmond has been challenged by too few available ADP spaces for too many people. The lack of access has increased demand pressures for Home Support and, if not addressed quickly, will serve to also increase demand for residential care beds.

To addresses these challenges, VCH Richmond has been working since last December to double the number of available Adult Day Program spaces available in Richmond.

“These new spaces will create 37,650 new service hours annually, and will enable us to serve an additional 125 clients per year,” said Robert Gill, manager, Community Contracts and Specialized Populations. “The initiative is aligned with the Seniors’ Care component of the Primary & Community Care strategic priority, and will contribute to Richmond’s goal of doubling ADP spaces by the middle of 2017.”

More ADP spaces coming soon

There will be more updates on ADP expansion over the coming months as we bring additional ADP spaces on-stream.  When this initiative is complete and all new spaces are open, VCH Richmond will have effectively doubled adult day care capacity in Richmond; from 20-25 spaces-per-day to 45-50 spaces-per-day.

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