Be a pal…help someone kick-the-habit during National Non-Smoking Week, January 15 to 21, 2017.

National Non-Smoking Week proclaimed by City of Richmond


The actual proclamation.

The City of Richmond’s mayor, Malcolm Brodie, is proud to proclaim National Non-Smoking Week  (January 15 – 21, 2017) to support Richmond Public Health, Health Protection and community partners in tobacco prevention, protection and cessation so residents can lead smoke-free lives and enjoy smoke-free spaces.

With the new year comes new beginnings. If you’re a tobacco user, think about quitting. If you’ve quit before, what did you do to stay smoke-free back then, even if it was for a short period of time? What were the successes? Why did you want to quit? If you’re not a tobacco user, help someone who is trying to quit.

You can read the full proclamation here.

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