Patients from Richmond and beyond are grateful for the high quality care received in VCH Richmond.

Kudos for Richmond Hospital’s acute-care team

“Extraordinary” care at Birth Centre

I was a maternity inpatient on 3M at Richmond Hospital in December. I had an early cesarean section at 37 weeks as the baby was in breech presentation and my amniotic fluid index was low. Dr. S. Monahan (OB), Dr. W. Wong, (GP) and Dr. Leung (GP) were fantastic. We now are home with our healthy and happy baby girl.

I would like to acknowledge the excellent care I received from the staff on 3M. The nurses (3M, OR, NICU and PACU), food delivery personnel, porter, and cleaners were very professional and competent, making this transition pleasant and stress-free.

Specifically, I would like to thank each and every nurse who was involved in my care. The post-operative care and education provided surrounding breastfeeding was extraordinary. Now that I’ve been at home, I have utilized many of the strategies learned during my inpatient stay, and I am thankful and impressed by each staff member’s commitment and patience to her job. I never hesitated to ask my nurse any pressing questions, and did not feel rushed throughout the process. I am grateful that at times, my nurse was able to spend up to an hour reinforcing breastfeeding strategies, and provide guidance to make the transition home seamless.

My husband and I are both nurses, and we appreciate that despite this, staff never “assumed” that we knew how to care for a baby. We are so thankful that each and every nurse involved in our care was thorough and comprehensive in her teaching, and we never felt as though we had to “figure it out on our own,”  simply because we are nurses.

The nurses involved in my care were:

  • Melanie N: Thank you so much for your cheery and reassuring presence during a time that was very stressful.
  • Delphina: We appreciated all the tips and tricks surrounding cesarean education.
  • Melanie: Much appreciation for answering our pre-op questions.
  • Christina: Thanks so much for wheeling me to the NICU to see Sophia.
  • Kaoru: You demonstrated extraordinary patience with our “screamer!” Your advice surrounding breastfeeding and bathing has been invaluable.
  • Carmen: Amazing tips regarding positioning and latching.
  • Jasmine T: So attentive, especially with our night feeds. Such a reassuring and competent nurse.
  • Jessica (who was previously an OR nurse at VGH): Excellent provision of care.
  • Jessica: Thank you for teaching us how to latch, via the “pacman” method.
  • Liz: Amazing discharge and wound-care teaching. Thank you for taking the time.
  • Dawn (PACU): Great post-op care! And, the apple juice you gave me after 28 hours of being NPO was one of the highlights!

Warm Regards.

“The best experience”

I had a young volunteer clipped by a car one night in the dark.  He and his companion had called me, and I immediately ran to the scene of the accident only to see my young man getting into the ambulance.  I asked where they were taking him, and the police told me to the Richmond Hospital.  I arrived there to check him in, and I was greeted by the nicest, most polite person.  She was so helpful, and very calming to me, in this kind of a situation.  Her name is Wendy Durnan.  (I hope I have spelled her name right)  She was so helpful, so kind, so reassuring!  I am from out of this country, and not very familiar with things, and she was amazing… You have a gem in her.  She knows how to take care of people, and is a valued asset to the hospital… I am sure most people only complain, but I wanted someone to know of the excellent care and a friendly smile I received that night, that I have never forgotten.  Thank you for hiring great people that know how to help people in frustrating situations.

Thank you!


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