Despite a busy winter surge, patients coming into Richmond Hospital had nothing but praise for the high quality care they received while in the ED. Thank you for your continued commitment to patient care, not only in the Richmond Hospital ED, but also across VCH Richmond.

Richmond’s ED is never too busy to provide exemplary patient care

Despite high patient volumes over the previous two months, Richmond Hospital’s ED team never failed to provide safe, high quality patient care. The following thank-you letters from patients illustrate this fact all-too-clearly. Thank you for all you do, each and every day.

“There was a sense of caring and team work”

I would like to commend the ED at Richmond Hospital.  My mother had a syncope episode at a restaurant in Richmond and was taken by ambulance to your hospital.  It was surprisingly not that busy which was a bonus for us.  She was assessed, had blood work taken, an ECG done and a CT scan all in a very timely manner. We were given results within two hours which was a great relief for us.

I am a RN who has worked at VGH for 27 years. I have had the joy and challenge of working in the ED many years ago so I know how stressful the work environment can be. It’s always different looking at things from the other side. Patients are our priority, but their family members are a part of the equation that I think tends to be forgotten.

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Moffat who was the ED physician that night and a special thanks to Van, the RN, who treated my mother as if she were her own. Your efficiency and explanations all along the way was appreciated.  To the nameless support workers who were also working that evening, there was a sense of caring and team work that did not go unnoticed.

ED staff and social worker go above and beyond

On behalf of my mother, I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the Emergency Room of Richmond Hospital, for the care they extended recently to my mother. My mother is now safely in Manila, resting and recovering from her stomach virus. I would also like to thank the social worker who assisted my mother and my aunt (who was traveling with my mother) to get on the next available flight to Manila.  Unfortunately I didn’t get her name. I think it was Nancy. May God bless you all.

Congratulations for your outstanding staff

I was rushed to Richmond Hospital recently due to extreme pain of my lower hips. I felt so helpless and the pain unbearable. I waited for three hours, then was send treatment room. Your medical team was good, but two people shine. I highly commend Tammie Rosales and Dr. Wong, your emergency staff, who take care of patients with compassion. It means a lot to a patient like me in pain, to be helped by people like them. These two persons excel despite the high demand of medical duties. Congratulations to Richmond Hospital for these outstanding employees.

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