The care team on 3 North took home the coveted Hand Hygiene trophy for Period 12, after achieving an impressive 93% compliance rate. Congrats to all!

Quality care by-the-numbers at Richmond Hospital

Care teams at Richmond Hospital are leading the way when it comes to improving patient care quality through increased rates of hand hygiene and the reduction of Care Sensitive Adverse Events (CSAEs).

Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of health-care associated infections. As such, Hand Hygiene audits are conducted monthly across VCH.

For Period 12, Hand Hygiene Compliance at Richmond Hospital sat at 83%. The unit with the highest compliance is 3 North with 93%. Other commendable results include:

In Period 11, the Hand Hygiene trophy landed on 4 North.

In Period 11, the Hand Hygiene trophy landed on 4 North.

  • 2 South – 87%
  • 3 South – 88%
  • 4 North – 74%
  • 6 North – 79%
  • ICU – 88%
  • Emergency – 74%

CSAEs trend downward

Care Sensitive Adverse Event (CSAE) is a measurement of the number of cases of pneumonia, urinary tract infections, falls with fracture, and pressure ulcers for every 1,000 of patient population. Reducing these harmful events is an important part of improving patient outcomes.

At Richmond Hospital, reducing CSAEs is an on-going and multidisciplinary effort, and has resulted in VCH Richmond having the lowest CSAE rate in the region, at 21.9 cases per 1,000 discharges. The average across Vancouver Coastal Health is 34.3.

“Staff should be proud of these results,” said Michael McAuley, director, Clinical Quality & Patient Safety. “They tell us that we are providing high quality care across all units at Richmond Hospital.”

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