Richmond Hospital Medical Imaging staff give the thumbs up to their new Mammography Department. Staff moved into their newly renovated space, located off the hospital’s west entrance, a week ago.

What’s pink and white and new all over?

A shiny, renovated Mammography Department is now in full operation at Richmond Hospital.

Relocated into temporary digs within Medical Imaging last fall, the Richmond Hospital mammography reception moved back into its newly renovated quarters – just off Richmond Hospital’s West Entrance – one week ago.  The Mammography Department is the place to go in Richmond for both screening and diagnostic mammography exams.

Previously painted in bland beige, the new space now features bright white walls and punchy pink accents that wrap-around the heart of the program; two digital mammography machines and a breast ultrasound unit that have been installed over the last three years.

“Although all our diagnostic equipment was recently updated, the space itself was worn and tired,” said Jodi Duncan, site co-ordinator, Medical Imaging. “The space now feels spa-like and much less clinical.”

A 20-year history in Richmond

The Richmond Hospital screening mammography unit has been in place for more than 20+ years. It is one of more than a dozen provincially operated sites that provide free screening mammograms for eligible women, between the ages of 40 to 74, across BC.

The Richmond unit completes approximately 13,000 screening mammograms and 4,500 diagnostic mammograms per year.

A screening mammogram consists of four images (two of each breast) that look for hidden cancer in women who are healthy (asymptomatic) and have never had breast cancer. Should the routine screen detect an abnormality or an area that requires a closer look — such as a lump or an area that is different than your previous mammogram — the woman moves onto a diagnostic mammography that consists of additional images, taken from several angles.

“There are virtually no waits to accessing a screening mammogram at Richmond Hospital,” added Duncan. “And, when more detailed diagnostic mammograms are required, we can usually provide those, too, within five to 10 days of initial screening.”

Learn more or book your appointment

The Screening Mammography Program of BC has centres in place across the province with mobile mammography services available to smaller communities.  For more information about breast cancer screening in BC, click here.

To book a screening mammography appointment in Richmond, call the unit directly at 604. 244.5505. To book a diagnostic mammogram (you will need a requisition from your doctor), call the unit at 604.278.9711, Ext 4243.

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