Richmond’s At-Home Based Treatment receives thumbs-up from a satisfied client.

Kind words from our patients and their families

Thank you for the high quality care you all provide every day…

Exemplary care “should be acknowledged and applauded”

I would be remiss not to write and share with you my recent experience at Richmond Hospital. I had gone there in May for day surgery to repair a tear in the meniscus of my left knee.

To term this experience as exceptional might not do it justice. Of course it didn’t hurt that I had a terrific orthopaedic surgeon in Dr. Ric Kendall or that his office (Rachel Duck), was so efficient in scheduling for my treatment. However, from my preliminary visit to have blood work done and an ECG prior to the actual surgery, and on the day of the surgery itself, I couldn’t have been more impressed with all of the Richmond Hospital staff, including the receptionists, the volunteers, the nurses, the doctors and all of the other health care professionals that I encountered.

These people were courteous, responsive, anxious to be of service, and clearly interested in making my time there as comfortable and pleasant as possible. It was unlike virtually any other health care experience I have had in the 21 years that I have lived here in the Lower Mainland.

I have spoken about this to a number of my friends and colleagues including some who are in the health care field and they have indicated that this is not the first time that they have heard praise about the treatment provided by the staff and employees of Richmond Hospital. I was so taken with my care there that I felt compelled to write to you and make you aware. Further, I know that you better than anyone would know who to share these comments with as exemplary service such as this should be acknowledged and applauded.

Avril went “above and beyond”

My family would like to give praise to one of your home care nurses, Avril. Avril went above and beyond to make my mom comfortable and to ensure that she was well cared for. She is an exemplary, hard worker that should be commended.  My mom was paralyzed & very sick, and we knew that bringing her home would be challenging, but Avril made it so much easier on all of us.  She always came to our home with a smile and a great attitude. She was extremely kind to everyone in our family and treated mom like gold. Even when Avril was not regularly coming to our home she always made herself available to us.

We are so thankful that we were able to keep my mom at home and without Avril’s support it would have been more difficult. You are lucky to have Avril as part of your team and I hope that she can be recognized in some way.


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