The original, seven-storey Richmond Lions Manor building (pictured above) on Fentiman Place in Steveston was built in 1972. Demolished in 2015, the site is now the subject of a VCH-driven planning process that could well bring an innovative, new “aging in place” housing model to the site.

Planning progresses for new residential care facility

The first step in the redevelopment of the former Richmond Lions Manor (RLM) site on Fentiman Place in Steveston has resulted in VCH’s identification of two possible partners, both of which have an interest in bringing an innovative new “aging in place” housing model to the site.

The concept for the Fentiman Site Redevelopment proposes approximately 140 residential care beds on up to four floors, with an additional three to eight storeys above, for 60 to 160 units of Independent and/or Assisted Living. VCH would continue to own the land and operate the residential care facility and the developer would lease or purchase the air rights for the floors above.

To determine interest in such a partnership, VCH posted a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) this past September. Two respondents to the RFQ, Century Group Lands and Townline Housing Solutions, were selected to move to the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage. The RFP is a competitive process in which the Proponents will further outline their project vision and financial strategy. The RFP phase will close on Friday, November 24.

Expanding residential care 

The number of individuals in Richmond aged 75 years and older will increase by 77% over the next 10 years. The Fentiman Site Redevelopment Project is one component of VCH’s plan to address this demand. The project also provides an opportunity to partner in the creation of a building that allows adults to age-in-place.

“Our goal is that this new, purpose-built residential care facility will reflect best practices in residential and dementia care design and service delivery, within a vibrant, multi-level housing complex,” said Natalie McCarthy, VCH Richmond, director, Residential Care Services. “Proximity to Steveston Village, shared community spaces and other local seniors housing programs will present exciting opportunities for partnerships to promote wellness and quality of life for all residents.”

Currently, 80 per cent of residents in Richmond residential care facilities have some form of cognitive impairment. This figure will increase to 90 per cent in 10 years, and approximately two-thirds is attributable to dementia.

“We know there is considerable interest in the community about how to enhance older adult services and dementia care and we look forward to engaging the public, community and academic partners in dialogue about the contribution that the Fentiman Site Redevelopment Project can make,” McCarthy added.

History of RLM

The original, seven-storey Richmond Lions Manor (RLM) building on Fentiman Place in Steveston was built in 1972. It was commissioned for 129 seniors with minimal care needs and was later repurposed as a residential care facility.

Gradual deterioration of the building and its systems placed quality of care and safety at risk, and the structure was demolished in 2015, leaving the 1.85 acre site cleared to realize a new facility that can help meet Richmond’s growing needs for residential care, seniors housing and services.

Next steps

VCH aims to complete the RFP process by the end of 2017 in order to move to the next stages of the project. Rezoning of the site is required under any development option and the process, anticipated to start in 2018, could take up to a year. Community engagement will take place throughout the project.

If planning and construction progresses as expected, the Fentiman Site Project will be completed by 2022.


  1. Aging in place is a great concept, however the people in the independent living/assisted living part of this facility would have to be exempt from the “first available bed” policy, when requiring residential care placement. I know this has not worked in other “campuses of care” like Kin Village in Fraser Health as the first available bed policy for residential care still applies to people in both independent living and assisted living on that site, and they are not prioritized for the residential care facility on the same site. This type of a facility however would be great for spouses and loved ones that want to be near to a client in residential care, as they would be able to access the independent living and assisted living in the same building.

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