With help from the Kronier family Education Fund, OT Marietta Tang, pictured above, a member of the Richmond Pediatric Team, increased her knowledge of what types of seating solutions best benefit children.

Seating solutions training helps OT stand-up for clients’ needs

After making the switch from acute geriatrics to community pediatrics, Occupational Therapist Marietta Tang realized that she would be shifting away from doing short-term seating solutions for older adults who would be using wheelchairs temporarily to working with many children who use wheelchairs as their primary means of mobility.

“I knew that I needed to build my skills and competence with seating and positioning,” said Tang, a member of the Richmond Pediatric Team. “And the availability of funds through the Kronier Family Education Fund has allowed me to further my professional growth and develop my skills in my new practice setting.”

The course, Wheelchair seating and positioning in the community,  targeted community-based therapists. It prepared Tang to assess, provide appropriate equipment, and make good clinical justifications for funding of wheelchairs and other positioning equipment; equipment necessary to help her students who often have high levels of physical need.

“The course was amazing in that it made me think of things I otherwise would not have realized I needed to learn,” she said. “Some of the client-educators who were present opened our eyes to some of the real-world issues that can arise if we make assumptions without doing the comprehensive assessments that we learned how to do in the course.”

As a result of the learning, Tang said she can now confidently approach seating and mobility problems with her students and determine when issues need follow-up. She also feels more confident in her ability to do comprehensive seating assessments and can better liaise with seating and positioning therapists to come up with solutions to seating issues.

Advancing clinical education

The Kronier Family Education Fund supports staff learning and education to strengthen clinical practice and improve patient, client and resident care. With help from the Kronier Family Education Fund, VCH Richmond can support health care professionals to take courses to learn the latest in their field and share that knowledge with colleagues.

Funding is available upon application and approval to all staff, leaders and physicians within Richmond who wish to attend a conference, workshop or course. Funds are granted throughout the year.

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