Every day staff, physicians and volunteers to their best to ensure our patients are clients receive the best care possible. Your efforts are appreciated by those we serve!

Our patients say “thank you” for your care and compassion

“So caring…”

Today I visited for a shoulder MRI as an outpatient because someone had cancelled their appointment. The receptionist was very helpful and kind. In the MRI room, the two women preparing me for the exam were so caring and had a lovely attitude. They made me feel comfortable and feeling relaxed.

Thank you to all and Happy New Year to the team!


“They were professional, polite, efficient, friendly, and cheerful”

I had hernia repair surgery at Richmond Hospital just a few weeks ago. The staff of surgical daycare and the OR team were outstanding.

Without exception, they were professional, polite, efficient, friendly, and cheerful. Please convey my compliments and appreciation to them. They made the entire experience as pleasant as possible.

Thank you!

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