Richmond’s first Community Health Access Centre (CHAC) will be located at 7671 Alderbridge Way.

Alderbridge CHAC: A hub for adult/older adult services

The Initial design and service co-location concept for Richmond’s first Community Health Access Centre (CHAC) were shared last week with the community and acute staff who will eventually work from the new site, located at 7671 Alderbridge Way.

The new Alderbridge CHAC will simplify access to care, by creating a single, central location from which VCH Richmond operates a range of health care services aimed at adults and older adults. This will allow clients who access multiple services to do so at the same site, and ideally as part of the same visit. This is enabled by consolidating programs that are currently spread across the city into one location.

To access the service relocation list, click here. You’ll find it in the January 4 & 5 Staff presentation on Slide #9.

Why are we relocating community services?

Richmond’s community programs have been, historically, placed into locations as space became available. This has resulted in clients having to access their care and services at multiple locations across the Richmond Community of Care. In response to patchwork quilt-like approach to care provision, the new Alderbridge CHAC will serve as the place where collaboration and integration intersect for the benefit of clients and patients.

Additionally, some out-patient programs currently located at Richmond Hospital (and serve clients with chronic disease) will also relocate to Alderbridge. While this will improve service access for these clients, it is also necessary due to the future redevelopment of Richmond Hospital’s new acute care tower.

Please attend a CHAC staff tour next week

With the preliminary CHAC planning and design work well underway, we now need your expert input (feedback and comments) on the CHAC’s functional layout.

To do this, we will create a full-sized mock-up of both the CHAC’s clinical and staffing areas in the currently empty warehouse space. The mock-ups will be open for staff tours next week. Please feel free to attend one or both!

  • Tuesday, January 16 @ 1:30–3 p.m. – clinical areas
  • Friday, January 19 @ 10–11:30 a.m. – staffing areas

You are also invited to attend the Clinical Area Report Out:

  • Wednesday, January 17 @ 1:30 p.m.

At the Report Out, VCH leadership will be briefed on the final design of the clinical area as a result of the staff, user group, project team and manager input.

RSVP required

If you plan to attend any of the above CHAC planning events, RSVP to Laurie Sewell no later than the day prior to each.

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