Coast Salish Elder Roberta Price opened the fourth and final Integrated Facilities Design (IFD) session for the Alderbridge CHAC, Monday, with a traditional blessing.

CHAC life-sized mock up opens for staff, physician tours this week

Staff, clinicians, physicians and clients were given an opportunity this week to walk though a life-sized cardboard layout of the new Alderbridge CHAC.

The week-long Integrated Facilities Design (IFD) session — which includes the tours of the clinical and staff areas — will wrap tomorrow, on Friday, January 19. More than 175 people took part in this fourth design and planning IFD that will eventually result in a final functional design and floor plan for the new Alderbridge CHAC.

  • Click here to access presentation that was given to IFD participants on Monday, January 15.
  • Click here to learn more about Richmond’s first CHAC.

All staff feedback from this week-long process will be reviewed and integrated, where possible, into the final CHAC design.

Here are a few photos from Monday’s planning session and the Tuesday clinical area tour:

VCH Richmond Chief Operating Officer Jennifer MacKenzie welcomed staff and participants, Monday, to the week-long planning and design event.


Staff touring the life-sized mock-up of the clinical areas were free to explore the space and ask questions. Attendees were also asked to provide feedback that will be worked into the CHAC’s final layout and design where possible.

VCH staff and leaders role-played through the event to help tour participants envision a patient’s journey through the new facility. Above, Jan Gazely plays a wheelchair-bound senior who is arriving at the CHAC for care.


Discussion about the layout was encouraged between particpants and feedback was collected for further consideration.


Media was invited to Tuesday’s clinical area tour. Above, a reporter from the Ming Pao talks to COO Jennifer MacKenzie and Jane Sun, Richmond’s director of Strategic Deployment and Clinical Optimization, about the new facility and its purpose.





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