Smoke-Free Campus Committee members, pictured above, will be out-and-about by mid-February to have conversations with everyone (including individuals in non-compliance) about ongoing efforts to promote Richmond Hospital as a healthy place to heal, work and visit.

Richmond walk-abouts will clear the air of smoke and vapour

Beginning in mid-February, Richmond Hospital will continue its newly strengthened anti-tobacco and anti-vape campus campaign to encourage patients, staff and visitors to go smoke-free and vape-free across hospital grounds, including on sidewalks and in parking lots.

To maintain a smoke-free and vape-free campus, regular walk-abouts will be conducted, starting in mid-February at Richmond Hospital. You may see Smoke-Free Campus Committee members (including the Senior Leadership Team) out-and-about, having conversations with everyone (including individuals in non-compliance) about our collective efforts to promote Richmond Hospital as a healthy place to heal, work and visit. The committee members conducting walk-abouts will be advising visitors and staff about free resources to help them remain smoke-free while working at or visiting Richmond Hospital.

These walk-abouts complement the updated smoke-free and vape-free signage that was installed in August 2017 on hospital grounds, and is another of the activities devised by the Smoke-Free Campus Committee to spread the word about the updated provincial legislation and maintain a smoke-free and vape-free campus.

We’re being proactive

The committee’s work is in alignment with the provincial Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, which took effect September 1, 2016, as tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in British Columbia and Canada.

Addressing tobacco use among inpatients reduces in hospital complications, reduces length of stay, reduces readmission rates, and helps people live longer and healthier lives.

Click here to read the Vancouver Coastal Health Smoke-Free Premises policy.

Readying patients for care in a smoke-free and vape-free facility

This outdoor campaign will support the following patient-centered strategy that is becoming part of the daily work flow:

  • After admission, inpatients (goal of 100%) will be screened for tobacco use by nursing staff.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) will be offered to all patients who use tobacco so that they do not undergo nicotine withdrawal while receiving care in a smoke and vape-free facility.

NRT is already offered by physicians. A routine NRT Nurse Initiated Activity (NIA), which had been recently approved, along with the NRT Preprinted Order are available for frontline nurses to offer NRT to eligible and interested inpatients who are tobacco users.

Resources to help you (or someone you know) cut down or quit

BC Smoking Cessation Program

  • Get FREE nicotine patch, gum, inhaler or lozenge. Register at a local pharmacy with your Care Card.

Transitions Clinic (8100 Granville Avenue)

  • Free stop smoking products with group or one on one counselling 604-244-5486.

VGH Smoking Cessation Clinic

  • Free stop Get FREE counselling with a doctor or nurse trained in helping people quit smoking. 604-875-4800, press 2.


  • Get FREE support online (, by phone (1-877-455-2233), or by text QUITNOW to 654321.

VCH Employee Programs

  • In addition to above programs, VCH staff enrolled in extended health benefits may be eligible for additional stop smoking medications.
  • VCH Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers counselling services 604-872-4929.

Other smoking cessation support programs in the community

  • Please contact Tobacco Reduction 604-675-3801.