Three Richmond physicians nabbed long-service honours at last night’s Long Service Awards ceremony in Richmond. Dr. Michael Myckatyn, Dr. David Kason and Dr. Peter Quelch (from left to right) were each honoured for their 45 years of service.

Long Service Awards celebrated in Richmond

​Trivia, name that theme song, and dancing in the isles were just a few of the out-of-the-box moments that were part of VCH Richmond’s Long Service Awards evening, held last night at Richmond Hospital.

Volunteer Barbara Tuck, pictured above with husband Peter, received her 25 year pin last night.

In 2017, a total of 253 people across VCH Richmond reached an employment or volunteer milestone for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 years of service. All combined, those 253 people contributed 4,177 years of employment and voluntary service to VCH and its predecessor organizations.

“I would guess that it hasn’t all been all hard work, conflicting priorities and crazy deadlines during this impressive amount of time that you’ve given the best of yourselves to VCH Richmond,” said Jennifer MacKenzie, chief operating officer, VCH Richmond, in her opening remarks. “I suspect there has been much shared laughter, friendships forged, and even a few tears shed. For all those reasons and more, let’s take some time tonight to remember and reminisce as well as to celebrate all the wonderful things you’ve all done for our patients, clients and residents in your many years of service to VCH.”

45-year honours claimed by three physicians

This year’s longest serving award recipients come from the medical ranks. Dr. David Kason, Dr. Peter Quelch, and Dr. Michael Myckatyn all received their 45 year pins Thursday night.

Following closely behind at 35 years, staff members Nancy Cho and Kitty Dube, joined by Drs. Stephen Brady, Lorne Brown and Bernadette Yuan. All accepted pins for more than three decades of service to VCH.

​Invitees to the gala evening enjoyed some time to socialize prior to the awards ceremony.

I didn’t know that!

A few interesting tidbits you may not have known about some of your longest-serving colleagues…

  • Harjender Walia, 25 years – Is never without her lipstick.
  • Ricki Avitan, 25 years – Speaks to the dead because, really, they are alive.
  • Nancy Arsenault, 30 years – Is hiking the Camino de Santiago, an 800 km trek across Spain, this summer.
  • Shelia den Toom, 30 years – Delivered her daughter with the skilled assistance of her friends in the Richmond Birth Centre.
  • Lynda Whittingham, 30 years – Has an active commercial pilot’s licence.
  • Kitty Dube, 35 years – Volunteers every summer at Stillwood Camp as camp nurse. Stillwood has 450 campers, including many children with multiple medical and behavioral issues.
  • Dr. David Kason, 45 years – Called “Machiavellian” when he independently pushed for the introduction of full time emergency physicians and the inclusion of medical subspecialists onto the medical staff at Richmond Hospital.
  • Dr. Michael Myckatyn, 45 years – Is active in the Ukrainian community and sings in his church choir. Hates golf; loves to fish.
  • Dr. Peter Quelch, 45 years – Moved to BC in the middle of the first-ever Canada vs Russia hockey series in 1972. ​

The ceremony featured trivia​ games and even a round of dancing in the aisles, lead by Chief Operating Officer Jennifer MacKenzie.

  1. Joanne Smith

    I have worked at Vancouver Coastal since 1988, marking this year as my 30th year. I guess I was overlooked as I did not receive an invitation nor recognition for my years of service.

    April 19, 2018