Help inspire art to heal thousands!

Share what inspires you! Vancouver painter Gina Sarro is reaching out to our community to help create her next masterpiece and your photo could be the inspiration behind her next painting. Whether it’s a brilliant sunset, an act of kindness or a loved one, post your inspiration on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #MyinspirationGS and your photo could be painted! She will then donate the piece to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation to create a warmer, healing environment for patients at VGH, UBC Hospital or GF Strong Rehab Centre. Art encourages quicker patient recovery as well as offers comfort to families and staff. Share your inspirational photo before December 7th and be a part of the healing.

Gina Sarro is a local landscape artist whose work aims to evoke inspirational and reminiscent connection with her viewers. Believing “it’s not just about looking at art, but being a part of it”, she is passionate about engaging the community in a project that not only unveils their inspiration, but also helps patients at VGH. An excellent example of community care and giving, donors like Gina are essential to ensuring our continued excellence in health care at our hospitals.

If you’re an artist or collector interested in donating to our art program and having it displayed at VGH, UBC Hospital or GF Strong, consider donating your work to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. Your art could be a part of creating a warmer and better healing environment for patients and staff, and receive a tax or charitable gift receipt for your donation.

Learn more at Gifts of Art.

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