Honouring a career 45 years in the making (l to r): Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Perry Trester, Years of Service Award recipient, and Dr. David Sowden (Dept of Dentistry).

Celebrating our physicians’ years of service

At VCH, career milestones are a cause for celebration. That’s why every year at the Vancouver Medical Staff Awards we take the time to recognize our physicians for their years of service, dedication and commitment to our community of care.

This year’s event, held at the VGH Paetzold Auditorium on June 6, was no exception. Hosted by Dr. Marshall Dahl, President, Vancouver Medical, Dental & Allied Staff Association, the well-attended celebration honoured 183 physicians with a Years of Service Award. Each recipient in attendance was presented with a certificate by his or her department head, as well as a gift bag with chocolate and a commemorative pin.

For a complete list of the 2016 Years of Service Award recipients, keep reading. To view all Years of Service Award photos, scroll through the Flickr album.

45 years of service

45 Years of Service— Department of Dentistry

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Perry Trester, Dr. David Sowden (Dept of Dentistry).

Award Recipient: Perry Trester

40 years of service

Years of Service Awards- 40 years

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Ellen Wiebe, Dr. Jay Slater (Dept of Family Practice).

Award Recipients:

John Richards Frank Buffam Richard Hay
Arturo Manes Samuel Segal Ellen Wiebe

35 years of service

Dr. Dahl, Dr. Tony Salvian (35 yrs, Dept of Surgery), Dr. Gary Redekop

Dr. Dahl, Dr. Tony Salvian (Dept of Surgery), Dr. Gary Redekop.

Award Recipients:

James Warren Jorge Denegri Harvey Grant Stiver Alan Weiss
John Sehmer Anthony Salvian John Fleetham Margaret Knowling
Jack Taunton Donald Mintz Charles Kerr Lorne Kastrukoff
James Wright Andrew Churg

30 years of service

30 Years of Service —Department of Opthalmology

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Stuart Smith (Dept of Opthalmology), Dr. David Maberley.

Award Recipients:

Ross Macgillivray

Michael Vondette Peter Phillips

David Wilkie

Reinhold Bernat Michael Rekart David Brooks

Mark Nigro

Stuart Smith

John Yeung-Lai-Wah David Thompson

Barbara Kane

William Mcdonald Anthony Fung John Schrader

Thomas Perry

James Durham

25 years of service

25 Years of Service —Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Soma Ganeson with Dr. William Honer and Dr. Kulbir Singh (Dept of Psychiatry).

Award Recipients:

Kulbir Singh

Philip Teal David Kendler Linda Warren

William Honer

Peter Lutsky

Stephen Nantel Allan Bruce Forster
Diane Roscoe David Hsu Frank Ryan

Charles Zwirewich

Elizabeth Bryce

Duncan Anderson Craig Ries

Lorna Weir

Bakul Dalal Douglas Courtemanche Cyril Gilks

20 years of service

20 Years of Service— Department of Anesthesia

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr Hamed Umedaly, Dr. Rael Klein (Dept of Anaesthesia).

Award Recipients:

Donald Garbuz

Alastair Younger Brian Toyota

Michelle Mezei

Julia Flint

Donald Anderson Michael Boyd Dean Foti
David Pi James Abel Christina Aquino-Parsons

John Esdaile

Jeffrey Brubacher Samuel Lichtenstein Richard Bebb

Neil Wade

Stephen Chung Rona Cheifetz Thomas Nevill

Rael Klein

Riyad Abu-Laban

Richard Simons Robert Reynolds

Leslie Sadownik

Nardia Strydom Carol Dingee Dean Chittock

Catherine Allaire

Iain Mackie Christopher Honey Linda De Luca

Alexander Jonathan Stoessl

Anthony Cheung

Rajbrinder Raina Peter Chan

Sayed Mirmiran

Leon Berzen

Kevin Nolan Margot Genge

Sean Flynn

15 years of service

15 Years of Service—Department of Medicine

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Dr. Anthony Traboulsee, Dr. Ted Steiner, Dr Gayatri Sreenivasan, Dr. Graydon Meneilly (Dept of Medicine).

Award Recipients:

Michael Wilkins-Ho

Roderick March Laura Magee

Elliott Weiss

Miriam Driscoll

Ari Giligson Jason Kong

Maziar Badii

Kulwant Riar

Patrick Ma Theodore Steiner

Anthony Traboulsee

Gail Knudson

Andrew Denton Guat Khim Tung

Gayatri Sreenivasan

Nigel Ball

Shahzad Karim Sherri Caswell

Heather Underwood

David Huntsman

Garth Warnock Marshall Dahl

Charles Warriner

Darin Tognotti

Ryojo Akagami John Stockton

Tammy Gracen

Caroline Benedek

Alan Rabinowitz Tanya Petraszko

Gregory Laakmann

Gordon Andrews

Peter Von Dadelszen Gerald Marquette

John Duncan

Marie-France Delisle

Amanda Skoll

Lynn Stothers

10 years of service

10 Years of Service —Department of Anesthesia

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Donald Griesdale, Dr. Hamed Umedaly (Dept of Anaesthesia).

Award Recipients:

Richard Kendall John Arthur Samuel Broome Mark Hill
Stewart Ford Dauna Cutforth Sara Bishara Danny Wong
Paul Clarkson Zahir Vellani Helen Ting Yasser Abou Mourad
Patrick Chin Sandra Witherspoon Nima Rabbani Neil Cashman
Bernardus (Arno) Smit Timothy Sakaluk Steven Wong Tiffany Townsend
John Street Janet Heavyside Nadia Zalunardo Charles Li
Kenneth Hughes Nasreen Ismaily Parvathy Nair Raymond Tang
Karen Kruse Lica Chui Peter Yao Donald Griesdale
Robert O’Connor Brian Fitzsimmons Nicole Racette

Lori Anne Brotto

Gordon Finlayson

Sarah Jane Finlayson Heather Finlayson

Ben Chew

Paul Kent

Jessica Mcalpine Ian Forbes

Chinnapalli Manjunath

Christopher Nguan

Thomas Lu

Paul Steinberg

More to celebrate

Congratulations to all physicians celebrating a career milestone in 2016. We thank you for your years of service and contributions to quality patient care. Next week, read VCH News for more on the Vancouver Medical Staff Awards and our 2016 Academic Award recipients.