Neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Honey (left) and patient Ray Warner on the day Ray’s deep brain stimulator was activated for the first time.

Life-altering neurosurgery a first at UBCH

“It’s going to change my life,” says Ray Warner.

Ray is referring to the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) operation he underwent in January to control Essential Tremor, a nerve disorder causing uncontrollable shaking in his arms. The debilitating condition made life exceedingly difficult. Simple tasks like using a knife and fork became impossible.

Ray’s operation involved implanting an electrode in his brain and was the first surgery of its kind to be performed at UBC Hospital. In January, UBCH added orthopedic revisions and – for the first time ever — neurosurgery cases previously performed at VGH to its slate.

“To be truthful, I was anticipating a few bumps but the surgery went flawlessly,” says neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Honey.

To prepare for Ray’s surgery, Dr. Honey conducted inservice sessions for UBCH nurses at VGH. “Most had no neurosurgery experience, but everyone really cared about the patient and about doing a quality job.”

Now, Dr. Honey looks forward to performing all but the most complex DBS procedures at UBCH. And, he sees potential for shifting other neurosurgical procedures from VGH to UBCH thanks to the UBCH Renewal Project.

“It’s a pleasure and honour to serve patients,” he says, “but part of the joy of my job is working with an excellent team.”

Congratulations to all UBCH physicians and staff in and outside the OR who are making the expansion of UBC Hospital’s surgical capacity a reality.

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  1. Mary Ackenhusen, CEO says:

    congratulations to everyone involved who made the successful transition of these cases from VGH. Hat’s off to the UBC team!


  2. Bina Kopit, VGH Social Worker says:

    What a wonderfully inspiring and touching story. Congratulations to the UBC team for making such a big difference in this man’s life!

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