Christina Sequeira, Active Living Coordinator (left), and Kimberly Nelson, Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Registered Nurse

Healthy Living Program Blood Pressure Screening Events: An Opportunity for Health Promotion

The VCH Healthy Living Program is offering free, drop-in blood pressure screening events within the Vancouver community where adults are able to get their blood pressure checked by trained healthcare professionals.

If you work with adults who would benefit from getting their blood pressure checked and want guidance on blood pressure prevention and management strategies please send them our way!

One in five

According to Hypertension Canada (2016), more than one in five adult Canadians have hypertension and over 80% of Canadians with hypertension have additional risk factors, including an unhealthy diet, high sodium intake, physical inactivity, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, dysglycemia and tobacco use. The VCH Healthy Living Program is committed to creating opportunities and overcoming barriers in order to improve health for all by providing a variety of programs to help with chronic disease prevention and management and to promote healthy behaviour change. At the screening events, participants are informed about or referred to relevant programs to further their education and awareness.

For your clients and for you

The Healthy Living Program will continue to provide health screening events such as blood pressure, physical activity and blood glucose at various locations throughout the city of Vancouver.

A list of screening dates and locations can be found on VCH Connect along with a complete description of our program offerings available to the public and VCH staff.


Please contact the Healthy Living Program for more information!

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