Elizabeth Leonardis (left) and Bonnie Giovannetti, nurse practitioners and the emcees of Vancouver’s All-Staff Forum on May 3.

“Nursing roles are evolving exponentially”

How is the role of nurse practitioner (NP) evolving? What’s it like to have an NP as your primary care provider? How do physicians see the role of NPs in primary care — and how do they collaborate with NPs in specialty acute programs?

These are just a few of the questions addressed by a panel of Vancouver staff, including Dr. Mike Norbury, medical director, primary care, during Vancouver’s All-Staff Forum on May 3.

The forum’s panel (l to r): Dr. Mike Norbury, Alison Swalwell-Franks, Susan Hill and NPs Leah Christoff and Jennifer Beaveridge.

Jennifer Beaveridge, one of Vancouver’s first NPs, answers an audience question during the forum.

“Nursing roles are evolving exponentially and Vancouver is leading the way,” said Alison Swalwell-Franks, feature speaker and NP strategy lead.

“Across Vancouver NPs are making immense contributions and their expanding scope of practice benefits patients, clients and residents, our integrated care teams and our health care system as a whole.”

What is the role of nurse practitioner?

Introduced in BC in 2005, the role of NP remains misunderstood by many, including health care providers. So, we asked some of Vancouver’s NPs — and physicians who work with them — to answer the question: What is the role of a nurse practitioner?

Their answers? Click the play button to find out.

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Watch the recorded webcast

The Vancouver All-Staff Forum was recorded for you to experience at your convenience. If you couldn’t join us, you can still watch the recorded webcast.

Learn more about Vancouver nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners Jo Birdsall (forefront) and Elizabeth Leonardis check out a display of VCH News stories on their NP colleagues.

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