Congratulations to our recent ‘Won’ Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery winners!

Will you be next?  Did you sign up last October? You need to sign up every fiscal year.

Next draw is on May 26.

There is nothing better than getting a winning message from the Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery. Recent winners in the 50/50 Lottery got their good news phone call, and each won more than $3900 each. The winning amount is going up! A full list of all previous winners is available on the Won Vancouver intranet page.

Who will win on May 26? It could be you…if you have a ticket! Sign up once and you are in every draw for the rest of the 2016/17 lottery year. But please note that if you signed up last year, it doesn’t roll over. You need to sign up every fiscal year. So, as of October 2016, if you haven’t reapplied, you don’t have a ticket or a chance to win up to $12,500!

Buy your ticket(s) today to be entered in the next draw. The more staff with tickets, the bigger each share of the 50/50. So be sure to tell your colleagues! Sign up here: 2016-17 lottery registration.

Where does the other half of the “50” go? It goes to the VGH Foundation, to support the funding of equipment for our hospitals and community-based programs. Proceeds from the 2015-16 Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery meant a contribution of $163,384 to the Foundation! In turn, the Foundation purchased four ventilators for use at VGH and George Pearson Centre.

So what are our recent winners going to do with their cash? Here’s what they had to say:

What does winning the 50/50 lottery mean to you?

Louise McIver – won $3937.50 PP08

Louise McIver – won $3937.50 PP08

The lottery means stress-relief to me, and a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I love being able to help the foundation and I love that the lottery has made a contribution to my wedding!

What does winning the 50/50 lottery mean to you?

Haydee Mones – won $4092.50 PP09

Haydee Mones – won $4092.50 PP09

Winning the 50/50 Lottery makes me feel more blessed especially when surprises like this happen. And it’s for a great cause, which is nice.

The next 50/50 Staff Lottery is May 26!

What would you do with your winnings? There are two (or three) chances to win every month (depending on the corresponding pay periods) and you only need to sign up once every fiscal year to participate. The more tickets sold means the larger the winnings for staff and more funding for the Foundation.

Complete the 50/50 Staff Lottery sign up form available here  and email it back to

Have questions?

Many can be answered by reading our Q and A page. A full list of winners can be viewed here on the VCH network.

Good luck!

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