Angus and trainer, Teresa Zurberg.

Support Angus in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge

VCH is a leader in implementing proven, cutting-edge infection control strategies at hospitals. A recent innovation in health care has been the addition of Angus, Canada’s first certified dog to sniff out C. difficile at VCH. Angus can spot C. difficile in different areas of the hospital and alert staff of infected surfaces that require additional cleaning.

For the month of June, our VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation has registered Angus’s Canine Scent Detection Program as part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Every donation made to from June 1 to 30, 2017, will go towards a vote to win $10,000 for Angus’s program from GIV3 Foundation.

Monies raised will help fund a three-year canine scent-detection program and allow for training of a second scent-detection dog that could be contracted out to Fraser Health Authority and Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Help Angus by donating this month and increasing our opportunity to expand his program beyond VCH. For more information on the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, visit

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