Change is the only constant in healthcare

“Change is the only constant in life healthcare.”

Heraclitus – the original quotes author – was a 6th century philosopher, but he could just as easily have been a health care leader in the 21st century! In our world, the need to make things better – be it how we use space on a particular floor in the hospital or large scale transformation projects – is indeed constant. This means that our leaders, who previously were able to focus squarely on day-to-day operations, are now also increasingly responsible for implementing improvement projects.

Our senior leaders spend a lot of time thinking about transformation. Vancouver Acute Operations Director, Michelle de Moor notes, “The drivers of change in healthcare are really significant. This includes an aging population, and more chronic illness, which is forcing us to always be looking for innovative ways to do our work – which can sometimes feel daunting, but is also very exciting.”

During the next four Vancouver Leader’s Forum, a series titled “Managing Operations, Managing Transformation: The Not-so-secret Double Life of VCH Leaders”, One Vancouver will take some time to acknowledge, celebrate and support this dynamic role. In each session we will share a part of current VCH strategic priorities alongside tips or skills that can support leaders as well as an opportunity to hear from leaders themselves. The first session, on June 21st, Julie Jones who has worked as Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant for over two decades, will be facilitating an activity. “Change is an external factor that impacts us while accepting the change is an internal decision.  Through coaching and using coaching skills, leaders can learn to positively support and lead their team members through the change cycle”

“I’m really excited about this event and the opportunity to hear from our leaders about what they need to be successful in supporting change projects,” says Laura Case, Vancouver Community COO. “What we are asking for from our leaders today is a really diverse set of skills and we need to spend time together thinking not just about where we need to get to, but also how we are going to get there together.”

The next Vancouver Leader’s Forum is on June 21st from 11-12:30 in the Paetzold Auditorium followed by a light lunch in the atrium. It is open to all VCH Vancouver leaders and managers.

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