Community Nutrition Screening – Are you at nutritional risk?

According to Statistics Canada Health Reports, one in three Canadians over the age of 65 years old living at home are at nutritional risk. Poorer nutritional intake was found with Canadians between 40-59 years with metabolic syndrome, risk factors which significantly increase the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It is well established that poor nutrition contributes to chronic disease, in particular obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Further evidence shows that screening for nutritional risk can help those at risk and prevent or reverse further consequences of malnutrition.

To lower nutritional risk in the community, the Healthy Living Program offers free nutritional screening events in Vancouver.

On May 31st, Registered Dietitians from the Healthy Living Program, Nancy Chen and Rosalie Lung, facilitated a Nutrition Screening event at the West End Community Centre in Downtown Vancouver. 37 per cent of participants seen were identified to be at moderate nutritional risk and 16 per cent at high nutritional risk using the VCH-validated Determine Your Nutritional Health questionnaire. All participants were provided with information regarding their nutritional needs and referred to appropriate community services including Healthlink BC, follow-up with their general practitioner, outpatient dietitians and Healthy Living Program’s community workshops and programs.

If you are interested in attending a nutrition screening event or offering free nutrition screening in the community that you work in, please contact us at or check out our website for upcoming dates and information on our other programs!

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