Left to right: Dr. Peter Black and Stephen and Nancy Sander.

VCH receives $2 million donation from Hollyburn Properties

A $2 million donation from Hollyburn Properties, led by Stephen Sander, will go towards upgrading the MRI machine at UBC Hospital and supporting the purchase of a new robot-assisted surgical system at VGH.

“Hollyburn Properties is very proud to support residents and families across Vancouver with a donation towards new medical equipment, which will help provide care to people across all sectors of medicine and have an impact for many people no matter what their illness,” says Sander, founder of Hollyburn Properties and a patient at VGH and UBC Hospital.

Donation will fund new surgical robot

A new surgical robot is welcomed at VGH, considering the current version (named ‘Jack’) is about 10 years old. “By updating the surgical robotic technology, which includes a console for a second surgeon, VCH is positioned to further develop the areas where robotic technology provides value,” says Dr. Marcel Dvorak, Associate Medical Director.

This type of surgery offers many benefits to patients, including the potential for reduced pain and discomfort and faster recovery times. “With this minimally invasive surgery, patients are often able to return to their normal activities quicker than if they’d had open surgery,” says Dr. Peter Black, Senior Research Scientist, Vancouver Prostate Centre. “Patients experience less pain and require less pain medication, and are generally speaking, able to recover faster.”  The donation generated quite a bit of media coverage including a CBC video of Dr. Black demonstrating how to use ‘Jack.’

Upgrade to UBC Hospital MRI machine

In addition to the new robot, the donation will be used for needed upgrades to the MRI machine and its room in Purdy Pavilion at UBC Hospital.

“This generous gift from Hollyburn Properties and Stephen Sander makes possible the purchase of technologically advanced equipment that will improve patient care,” says Barbara Grantham, President and CEO of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. “Investing in health care innovation benefits all British Columbians.”


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