Jade and Calvin with their beloved grandmother following cardiac surgery at VGH.

“A special place in my mom’s heart”

Adena has never been prouder to call herself a Vancouver Coastal Health social worker.

Over the years she’s witnessed patients benefit from her colleagues’ compassion and commitment to quality care. But when her mother needed care, it became personal. And her colleagues didn’t disappoint. Here’s why:

“When my mom came to the ER … she was assessed quickly and thoroughly. We are forever grateful for Dr. Campbell’s diagnostic skills and bedside manner, and a similar shout-out to Liz & the rest of the ER nursing team for their care, professionalism and compassion.

In each stage that followed, every staff member, from housekeeping staff to the cardiac surgeon, impressed my mom with your kindness and attention to detail. She was stunned at the number of people involved with her care, and reassured by the knowledge, training, and experience demonstrated by each team member. Sadly, I cannot credit each individual that encouraged and supported mom as the people who covered during breaks were just as valuable to us as the ones on shift assignment. I do know that Dianne in CSICU will always be remembered warmly, and Dr. Price will always have a special place in mom’s heart (ha-ha). 

Seven days post-operatively, mom went to “Grandparent’s Day” at her grandson’s school… and walked home. Can there be a better success story? — Adena M.”

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