Time to sign up for the 2017-18 50/50 Staff Lottery

Sign up now for the 2017/18 fiscal year!

We have one more draw for the 2016/2017 50/50 Staff Lottery: October 27.

Whether you have a ticket or not, it’s now time to sign up for the Third Annual Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery – current ticket holders must sign up again for the new 2017-2018 draws (it does not roll over), and new players are always welcome! Visit the Won Vancouver webpage to learn more and download the sign-up form.

Some of you have asked the following questions:

  1. When am I no longer in the Staff Lottery? There is one more draw in this year’s lottery (2016/2017 fiscal year). If you are signed up, you are eligible for the last draw (October 27). But you will need to reapply to be eligible for next year.
  2. What if I sign up today? If you sign up today, you’ll be in for the November 24th Draw and all the draws for the next 12 months.
  3. Am I in the October 27 draws if I’m already signed up? Yes
  4. What if I sign up now for the 2017-18 50/50 – will I be eligible for the October 27? No.

Check out our list of previous winners from the 2016-2017 50/50 draws. Your name could be next on the list.

The draw is 50/50 – what happens to the other 50?

Half the proceeds of each draw go to one lucky staff member, and the other half goes to the VGH/UBC Foundation. Since the lottery began you have helped raise over $225,000 which directly benefits patient/client comfort and care throughout our hospitals.  Last year lottery funds purchased four ventilators for use in acute care at VGH, and community care at George Pearson Centre.

Have questions?

Many can be answered by reading our Q and A page. A full list of winners can be viewed here on the VCH network. Good luck!



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    How would I know If you recieved my new application. I sent it by email. Thanks

    Nancy dimaya

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