Time to sign up for the 2017/2018 Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery

Congratulations to our recent ‘Won’ Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery winners!

Next draw is on October 27. This is the last draw of the 2016/2017 Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery. Only those who are already signed up will be eligible for this draw. But you can sign up today for the 2017/2018 50/50 Staff Lottery and be eligible for the November 24 draw (and all draws for the 2017/18 fiscal year).

Everyone who is currently in the lottery needs to sign up for the new fiscal year. We can’t renew your application for you. Sign up here.

There is nothing better than getting a winning message from the Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery. Recent winners in the 50/50 Lottery draw on September 29th got their good news phone call, and each won more than $4000 each.

What are our recent winners going to do with their cash? Here’s what they had to say:

What does winning the 50/50 lottery mean to you?

Cindy Lee – won $4385.00 PP18

We will catch up with Cindy at a later date.

What does winning the 50/50 lottery mean to you?

Sherrell Dosaj – won $4332.50 PP19

Sherrell Dosaj

Winning the 50/50 lottery is such a great surprise. I’m happy I could contribute to the foundation and winning money on top of that is just amazing. I’m excited to put the money towards a Christmas family reunion trip in California this year. Thank you so much!

What does winning the 50/50 lottery mean to you?

Geena Braich

Geena Braich – won $4352.50 PP20

I took part in the 50/50 because it was going to be a good chance. I never thought I would win. I’m still in shock that I won!  This prize couldn’t have come at a better time, I will be on Maternity leave soon, the prize is going be a big help!  I’m hoping my family can take a Vacation with some of the money.

The last 50/50 Staff Lottery for the 2016/2017 Lottery will be held on October 27th.

But sign up now to be eligible for the 2017/2018 draws (even There are two (or three) chances to win every month (depending on the corresponding pay periods) and you only need to sign up once every fiscal year to participate.

Have questions?

Some of you have asked the following questions:

  1. When am I no longer in the Staff Lottery? There is one more draw in this year’s lottery (2016/2017 fiscal year). If you are signed up, you are eligible for the last draw on October 27. But you will need to reapply to be eligible for next year.
  2. What if I sign up today? If you sign up today, you’ll be in for the November 24th Draw and all the draws for the next 12 months.
  3. Am I in the October 27 draws if I’m already signed up? Yes
  4. What if I sign up now for the 2017-18 50/50 – will I be eligible for the October 27? No.

Other questions can be answered by reading our Q and A page. A full list of winners can be viewed here on the VCH network.

Where does the other half of the “50” go? It goes to the VGH Foundation, to support the funding of equipment for our hospitals and community-based programs. Proceeds from the 2015-16 Won Vancouver 50/50 Staff Lottery meant a contribution of $163,384 to the Foundation! In turn, the Foundation purchased four ventilators for use at VGH and George Pearson Centre.





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