Read a good book lately? Pass it on.

How well do you know VGH? Do you know where this is?

Do you like to read? So do our patients.

One of the volunteer programs available to patients at VGH is the book cart. Patients appreciate the free loan of paperback books, magazines and the option to access movies too. All of this is available to patients through Volunteer Resources’ Patient Library Program.

Where do the books, magazines and movies come from?

The library is 100% donation driven. We rely on the generosity of VCH staff, volunteers and local residents.

Early Spring Cleaning?

Drop off your books at our drop box anytime, 24/7.

The box is located on Heather Street, between Doctor’s Residence and Heather Pavilion, immediately north of Doctor’s Residence at the driveway entrance to VGH’s inner courtyard. It’s in an old traffic/security booth that is clearly marked above the drop door, as you can see.

Still can’t place the picture above? Here is the front view of the drop box on Heather Street.

Come right up alongside and empty directly from your car trunk or backpack…anytime you like!Volunteers empty the bin regularly and transfer the contents to a patient library where items are catalogued, then placed on the library cart. Donations can also be mailed internally to Volunteer Resources in Doctors’ Residence, Room 104a.

The cart is pushed by volunteers eight times a week and visits almost every inpatient care unit! Everything on it is free for patient loan.

We need your help! Please donate your gently-used paperback books, magazines, and movies.




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