Rhonda recovering at home with her son, Nick and their cat, Jake.

“I was … scared that I might die”

Rhonda Orobko, project development nurse at the Bella Bella Medical Clinic, is in the business of providing exceptional care to VCH patients on the Central Coast.

Earlier this year, Rhonda was on the other side of the treatment table and experienced what it was like to receive patient care when she had surgery at VGH. What impressed her most was the care and compassion that staff showed her.

She shares her thanks below:

“[Earlier this year,] I had surgery at VGH. I would like to give a special thanks and kudos to the nurses and doctors in the Perioperative Care Centre and recovery room. As a nurse and VCH employee myself, I realize the demands on time, space and the emotional labour their jobs entail. I was extremely impressed with not only the skill and efficiency with whichever they performed their jobs, but especially the genuine compassion, empathy and humour.

I was actually sort of scared that I might die, despite it being a fairly non-invasive surgery. The humorous and down-to-earth staff made me feel much more at ease. My partner and I had a good laugh when the nurse came to decontaminate my nostrils.

Every step of the way, right from the admitting desk and including the porter, I was treated with dignity, respect and kindness. I was truly humbled by the experience and it has inspired me to also strive for the best in myself as I care for others in my work.”

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