(l to r) Vivian Eliopoulos, Patrisha Tait, Michelle De Moor, Bruce Hartnett, Satwant Grewal, Rita Semiao, and Michelle Lee.

Dedication spanning four decades

1977 was an interesting year:

  • Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister;
  • Queen Elizabeth II toured Canada during her Silver Jubilee tour;
  • Elvis died at age 42 – and –
  • A little film named Star Wars broke all box office records.

It was also the year that a number of incredible people began working here in health care including:

  • Rita Semiao, Neurosciences nurse
  • Satwant Grewal, medical radiation technologist
  • Colleen Marriott, medical transcriptionist
  • Patrisha Tait, administrative secretary in the Trauma Department
  • Marie Copeman, porter
  • Susan Avery, executive director of Medical Imaging

Much has changed over the past 40 years, but what hasn’t is their dedication to supporting patient care.

Marking milestone anniversaries 

Nearly 1,000 VCH-Vancouver staff members recently celebrated milestone anniversaries at recognition events held in February including:

  • 224 staff with 10 years of service
  • 72 staff with 15 years of service
  • 74 staff with 20 years of service
  • 56 staff with 25 years of service
  • 45 staff with 30 years of service
  • 16 staff with 35 years of service

Together, these folks have contributed 8,110 years of service to Vancouver patients, clients and residents. That’s remarkable.  

Vivian Eliopoulos, COO, Vancouver Acute, addressed the audience and presented gifts to the 40-year honourees. “Thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing exceptional patient care,” she said. “You are the face of VCH and we are grateful for everything that you do.”

This year, more than 1,700 staff will be recognized across VCH for their years of service.

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