Singer-songwriter Kristina Shelden. (Photo by Maya Pankalla, 2017. Source:

“I never thought I’d play music again”

After a car crash on the Coquihalla left her paralyzed, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Kristina Sheldon thought her dreams of a musical career were over.

Kristina spent 12 weeks at GF Strong (GFS) after she recovered from her emergency surgery. She faced a 10 per cent chance that she’d ever walk again, let alone perform.

However, with hard work, determination and the support of family, friends and her GFS team, she recovered the use of her arms and legs. “You would be surprised what you’re capable of when you have to do it,” she said in an interview with CBC earlier this week.

Kristina began working with the Vancouver Adapted Music Society, meeting other musicians with disabilities and eventually began to make music again. Previously an avid guitar player, she now focuses on singing, writing and playing the piano and ukulele, which are easier for her.

On Thursday, March 8, she will perform at The Historic Theatre at the Cultch with two other female musicians with disabilities during the pop and soul concert called Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three.

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Listen to CBC’s interview with Kristina and read more about her story:

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