VGH commuters: W. 10th construction update

Construction for the City of Vancouver 10th Avenue Corridor Project continues near VGH.

On Monday, March 26, the City of Vancouver moves construction to the north side of West 10th Avenue between Laurel and Willow streets.

Access to all health facilities in the area, including VGH, continues to be maintained; however, traffic pattern changes and parking limitations are still in effect. Please allow extra time to reach your destination.

If you’re driving:

  • Vehicle traffic continues to be restricted to one-way eastbound between Willow and Oak streets

If you’re walking or cycling:

  • Pedestrians: Sidewalk access continues to be separated; use sidewalk on south side from Willow to Laurel streets and north side from Laurel to Oak streets
  • Westbound cyclists: Dedicated bike lane from Willow to Laurel streets now crosses over onto new paved bike path on the north side from Laurel to Oak streets
  • Eastbound cyclists: One-way traffic eastbound along W. 10th Avenue continues between Oak and Willow streets

Safety improvements: 

The project is designed to improve patient safety and access, while improving the safety, comfort and accessibility for all modes of transportation along West 10th Avenue. Key safety improvements include:

  • enhanced pick-up and drop-off areas for patients and clients, including 12 new passenger-loading zone and vehicle-staging spaces
  • 10 new disability parking spaces
  • raised crosswalks and intersections
  • measures to separate road users
  • enhanced lighting and wayfinding

Learn more:

Please distribute the parking map to VGH patients and visitors.

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