VIDEO: Nursing specialties a satisfying career path

Nursing specialty areas like ICU, Emerg and OR are often where the highest shortages occur and they’re not areas that are easy to recruit to, so VCH provides employer-paid training for qualified nurses.

Hear from three nurses about how specialized practice can provide an exciting and satisfying career path. Watch the three short clips below, or you can watch the complete video of all three nurses [3 min. 30 sec.]

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Check VCH News next week for a look at a few other areas of nursing in recognition of National Nursing Week.

Interested in a nursing specialty?

VCH offers employer-paid education programs for our experienced registered nurses that include 100% employer-paid tuition, books and wages while in training and a permanent full-time position once you successfully complete the program.

Postings for RN specialties

RN Specialty Training Opportunities are posted as regular full time positions, which the successful applicants assume once they complete the training program. Positions offering the training are based on the vacancy needs of the departments and are usually posted winter (Dec./Jan.), spring (April) and fall (Aug.).  These positions are posted for current staff members on the same internal website as other vacancies for 10 days.   Below is the link to the e-postings. See Employee Engagement e-postings on VCH Connect.

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