Communications & Public Affairs team members Megan Bradfield (left) and Sunny Oh (right) talk to staff about the My VCH intranet at the Innovation Fair on Feb. 28.

The My VCH intranet: 10 reasons to get excited

Through the My VCH survey, you asked for more opportunities to share ideas, recognize each other, and learn together. In April, the Communications and Public Affairs team—in partnership with IMITS, Employee Engagement and the Transformation Office—will be soft launching phase one of the My VCH intranet, a place where we can create those opportunities online.

What will be part of phase one?

We’ll be starting with the most searched-for, high traffic content: employee information and news. VCH Connect will not disappear right away as we know it will take time to reach out to all departments to find out what information is still relevant, who will maintain it, train them to use the new intranet, and move the content over.

Do you have content on VCH Connect that you’d like to move to the new My VCH intranet? Send an email to with your name, department, and a link to your current section. We’ll add your name to the list for phase two.

10 reasons to get excited

Here are 10 features of the My VCH intranet that we hope will get you excited:

10. Access from anywhere (in Canada): You’ll be able to access the intranet from any computer with internet. At work you’ll connect seamlessly. But if you’re off-site or at home, you’ll also be able to connect using your network login (just like webmail).

9. A modern, accessible layout and design: You’ll have a better experience navigating the new intranet as our guiding principles focus on what’s important to you, in a visually appealing way.

8. Share ideas in a discussion forum: You’ll be able to start a discussion with your VCH colleagues across the region. Some of you have already shared ideas for what you want to talk about, including discussions for new employees, technology tips & tricks, a social corner and more.

Tell us in the comment section below what ideas you’d like to discuss on the future intranet!

7. Portal to other websites: It will be your jumping-off point to access other sites necessary for your work, including the IMITS service centre, LearningHub, teamsites, and the newly developed SHOP website for policies, clinical resources and decision support tools such as guidelines, protocols and procedures.

6. Enhanced search function: Finding what you’re looking for = less frustration.

5. More photos and videos: With VCH News moving to the intranet, it will be full of visual stories celebrating the great work and people at VCH.

4. An events calendar: You’ll be able to browse events happening across VCH and connect with each other offline in the real world.

3. Comment and “like” content: You’ll be able to comment on and like news stories and discussion forum posts.

2. Filter news by location or topic: You’ll be able to filter stories by community of care and by topic, so you can read the stories relevant and interesting to you.

1. The high-five section. You’ll be able to give kudos to your colleagues for the amazing work they’re doing every day to support or provide care for our patients, clients, and residents.

What do you want to discuss?

Use the comment section below to tell us which topics you’d like to discuss on the new intranet!

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A new intranet for all of us

  1. Mary Ackenhusen

    Thanks Maile and team for this great improvement – and how you did it so fast! Record time actually as it only took 4 months. Looking forward to the launch!

    March 15, 2018
  2. Sarah Payne

    WOW! High-five to the Communications team for all of your hard work on this! This is truly going to be a game changer for how we access information and connect with one another. I can’t wait for it to go-live!

    March 15, 2018
  3. Karen LeBeau

    I would love to discuss sustainability and environmentalism in Health Care.

    I think it is important that our senior leadership tells us the ways that this organization is working to ensure a greener VCH. I also feel it would be wonderful to show case different VCH employees (one per month) interviewing them and finding out what they have done to promote a ‘Greener Workplace’ within VCH…whether it is riding a bike, or other highly creative ways of preventing plastic/garbage/waste/carbon etc from polluting the air, or going to the land fill.

    I think that we could all learn valuable information from our own ‘environmentalists’ at VCH, and this would encourage others to collaborate with their teams to find thoughtful solutions in their own departments/work place.

    I would love to be involved in this somehow! If you need someone to interview or manage this, I am your WOman! ; < )

    There is so much potential for change in this organization! We can care about people, and love the earth too!!


    March 15, 2018
    • Maile Conwi

      Thanks Karen – That is a great idea and your offer to get involved is noted! I’ll be in touch.

      March 15, 2018
    • Sonja janousek

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your awesome suggestion! There are lots of VCH staff taking inspiring actions to green their workplaces. We have a small team working on increasing the stories we share, as well as, looking into the impact of how these stories inspire others. Let’s talk offline! Cheers, Sonja

      March 16, 2018