Fall in love with VCH.ca all over again

Our main website, VCH.ca, looks and feels a little different – have you had a chance to check it out?

Last Thursday we launched an improved version of VCH.ca. Now it should be easier for all of us to find information and use the website.

The improved VCH.ca is live, so let’s get to work!

Although VCH.ca may look shiny and new, it still needs lots of love from all of us. We moved content from the old version to the new website and some of this information may need updating. When you have a chance, please take a look at the website and let us know your suggestions on how we can continue to improve it. Use Google Chrome as your web browser for a better experience, if possible!

Show your love and help us test the website

Here are some easy ways to help with website testing:

  • Look up topics that interest you using the search bars or website navigation. Can you find what you need? Does the information make sense?
  • Look up content that is related to your program. If information is missing or incorrect – tell us and we’ll work with you to fix it.
  • Be sure to check out the new Locations & services directory, which offers improved functionality and the ability to get almost real-time updates through a single VCH point of contact at webupdates@vch.ca.

Give your feedback

Take this short survey to tell us what you think of the website.

Take the survey now!

Get in touch with us

Thanks for reading! You can always reach out to the web updates team at webupdates@vch.ca and give us your feedback.

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