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To celebrate National Nursing Week (May 8-14) we’re giving away up to 40 complete VCH work clothing packages! Prize value over $65.00 ea.

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Answer one of these questions in the comment section below. That’s it!

Nurses:What makes you say #YesThisIsNursing when you’re at work?

Non-nurses: What makes you proud to work with VCH nurses?

It’s not just for nurses!

National Nursing Week is about nursing and nurses, but the VCH work clothing prize draws are open to all VCH employees who work in these roles:

  • Allied Health
  • Care Aides
  • Managers & Directors
  • Nursing
  • Nursing Unit Clerks
  • Patient Escort

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The rules

  • Open to VCH employees only (not Fraser Health, PHC, etc)
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  1. Elizabeth Lodge says:

    I love nursing! I think that it is an excellent profession. There are so many avenues of nursing depending on your personal preferences and interests. I am a Public Health Nurse. I absolutely love Public Health Nursing, and feel like what I do as a Generalist Public Health Nurse is valuable to my community and my clients. I feel like #Yesthisisnursing when I can tell that I am making a difference in empowering my clients through listening, providing services, educating, and being there with people through their lived experience.

  2. G says:

    Their attentiveness and caring personality towards those under their care and bringing a humorous attitude to the working environment makes working with these individual easy, fun and awesome!

  3. Lesley says:

    I’m proud to work with VCH nurses because of their extensive knowledge and level of care they provide day in and day out. It’s truly amazing.

  4. Kim says:

    I say “Yes! This is Nursing” when your diligent care and safe practice impacts patient’s road to recovery positively!

  5. Shelly says:

    I always get #YesThisIsNursing feeling when there’s an emergency and all the nurses come together to help each other. We work as a team and I love it to know you’re part of something great!

  6. Breanna Cragg says:

    I feel #Yesthisisnursing when you see the effects of building relationships and developing trust with clients over an extended period of time in the community. I love the feeling of being able to brighten someone’s day simply by offering them a coffee and some time to speak freely in a non-judgmental environment. You really get to know your clients as a nurse in the community and they get to know you; I think that’s amazing!

  7. Leanna says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing everyday! I see amazing, wonderful nurses doing incredible things every single day. Whether it is simply doing their job with skill and expertise; recognizing a deteriorating patient and acting upon it; moving and changing assignments with grace to allow for unplanned admissions from emergency; updating a patient’s distraught family member with compassion and empathy; laughing with a patient; using their break to get a coffee for a patient who can’t get one themselves; holding a family member as they cry or simply holding the hand of a patient and listening. #YesThisISNursing and I am truly thankful to be a nurse and to work with the very best!

  8. Michael says:

    Nurses are caring and committed people who make a valuable difference in the lives fo their patients.

  9. Karen says:

    Nurses are the backbones of healthcare and we appreciate their hard work very much! They are attentive to every individual’s needs and always go above and beyond their call of duty to provide the very best care. I’m proud to work alongside nurses who are so dedicated to their work and represent VCH in such an outstanding way. Thank you to all the nurses!

  10. Steph says:

    What makes me say “#YesThisIsNursing ” when I am at work? The great feeling I get when I have supported a home care client in their home, and they express their thanks for me and their gratitude for not having to go to the hospital. Also knowing I have made a patient spend their last days on earth comfortable and pain free, in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by their loving family members.

  11. Melanie Serre says:

    I am extremely proud to work with many different nurses at my place of work. From primary care nurses to home health nurses and public health nurses I am amazed every single day at the work that they do for all their patients. They go above and beyond to care for their patients and bring so much joy and dedication to their work and colleagues. Thank you to all our nurses, I truly believe they are what makes such a huge difference in the lives of everyone they touch.

  12. Sukhjit says:

    I work with an amazing team of nurses. I look forward to the staff on. I know even through a busy day we all pull through together. I see nurses offer to help each other. Not only are they all team players but they are sought out on feedback from the doctors and allied health. I like working with nurses, because they provide me with guidance if I need direction on any policies. Everyone I work with laughs during the shift and everything isn’t as intense as it has to be even though we are working in an acute area. At the end of day, I know how good all the nurses are at VCH, not only on our 2 floors allocated to our department. We frequently have patients and patient families come back to tell us stories about how they are recovering and have changed from the care provided in their weak moments of life. Truly as the VCH Motto is , “I came for the job. I stayed for the team.”

  13. Carolyn Summerfield says:

    When I can connect with a client and help facilitate positive change or growth.

  14. B says:

    My #YesThisIsNursing is working in the ICU and feeling like an integral part of the health care team. I am not just a person who mindlessly performs skills and tasks, but I am important in the discussion of care for my client and love being their advocate. As an ICU RN, my 1:1 care allows me to know everything about my client and give the best possible care to my patient and their family. I love watching the difference my care makes for a client’s well being!

  15. Kaylee Mikolas says:

    Caring for a patient who comes in psychotic, disoriented and scared. Discharging the same patient a few days later happy, calm and no longer actively psychotic with hope for the future. It makes me proud and happy to be a psychiatric nurse. #YesThisIsNursing

  16. Natasha Sanderson says:

    I say #Yesthisnursing When we hold the hands of patients as they take their last breath, or when we lend our shoulders for a family member to cry on as they grieve the loss of their love ones.

    Nursing isn’t just about sticking tubes and needles into someone, but it’s about being that source of support and comfort for patients and their family and friends.

    Most importantly, there is no “i” in nursing. We are a team and we’re in it together.

  17. Hayley says:

    When you sit quietly on the bus home and think about your day – staring out the window and knowing that the person beside you would not believe what you saw or what you did on your shift, or knowing that what you witnessed that day will be imprinted in your memory for the rest of your life. #thisisnursing and it’s a front row seat to the human experience.

  18. Shelley says:

    Nurses are the most caring, compassionate and truly hard working individuals who put the needs of others before themselves. Working on a unit as a collaborative team effort that helps makes a difference in the care our patients receive makes me proud to be part of the VCH nursing team.

  19. Yin Sun says:

    I am proud to work with VCH nurses because they treat patients, residents, clients, and co-workers with respect. They are caring and professional. They are the best!

  20. Julie Jones says:

    I am so proud to be part of a small team of community nurses. Our work, along with our clients’ needs, varies so much. Everyday is different, and that’s what I love about nursing. I look forward to connecting with my clients in so many different ways. Whether it be a caring ear during a phone call with a client seeking support, a visit to the team for routine medication or to see their doctor, or having the chance to meet with the client in their home, I feel we play an extremely valuable role in helping to reintegreate clients back into their communities. #YesThisIsNursing

  21. Karen says:

    Nurses are amazing, like rock stars. So caring and compassionate, even during really stressful times. Amazing knowledge base and skill set. It always impresses me.

  22. Yuli says:

    I say “Yes! This is nursing” when I know I need to jump on the patient’s chest and start the chest compressions right away when I am the first responder during a CODE BLUE! Also, whenever I make my patients feel better by caring for them, I say “Yes! This is nursing!”

  23. Annie T says:

    As a labour and delivery nurse – when a mom delivers her baby and all is good & both are healthy! And when we work together as a team with nurses, physicians, students, and ward aides and and make it through a busy day! #YesThisIsNursing #ThatFeeling

    1. Divina Vasquez says:

      #YesThisisNursing when i finish my shift and know that i did my very best to help my patients and thier families in making thier day worthwhile by attending with all thier needs.

  24. Erin B says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I feel a strong sense of teamwork and mutual support from my colleagues

  25. Francesca Cole says:

    #YesThisIsNursing when you’re on a home visit on a farm and have to make your way by the cat, the dogs, the baby lamb and the Turkeys to get to the front door.

  26. Alison says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I see a team of nurses working together to help better patient care and outcomes. When we all work together collaboratively to ensure that patients are getting well and achieving their goals. I love seeing the compassion and hard work nurses put in to not only better our patients, but the community as a whole.

  27. Matthew Harmer says:

    When a client feels accepted, respected and competently cared for I say #YesThisIsNursing. I may not always get a thank you but I feel grateful to have the priviledge to provide that client care.

  28. Alannah C says:

    when I am at work what makes me feel like #yesthisisnursing is both big and small. To finally getting that patient to agree to wound care. Advocating everyday. And mostly the strong connections you build with residents. That is where nursing really counts for me. Having someone feel as cared for as I did when I needed it. Compassionate care 🙂

  29. Julie says:

    As a periop nurse- I think #YesThisIsNursing when I provide educated answers to both the patient and their family to ease their concerns and anxiety prior to being wheeled into the OR.

  30. Marilene says:

    #YesThisIsNursing is when I am able to help a new mom/parent feel confident about their ability to care for their newborn 🙂

  31. Layla says:

    #YesThisIsNursing is that rare moment when you can just hold the hand of your patient and be there with them despite all the challenges one can face in one shift.

  32. Caroline says:

    I work with such an amazing group of nurses. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive, creative, intelligent group. They make me look forward to going to work 🙂

  33. Andrea says:

    I feel #YESThisIsNursing when I hear about nurses engaged in quality improvement and research to find new innnovative ways to deliver and improve care! I am proud to be a VCH nurse!

  34. Sarah Kumar says:

    as a CNE – on a daily basis I can honestly say #YesThisIsNursing when I see the impact we as nurses can make on our patients, especially during such a vulnerable time being in hospital. I love educating so when I can help facilitate staff making connects and supporting them – makes me so proud to be a NURSE!!

  35. Sara says:

    What makes you proud to work with VCH nurses. RIchmond Hospital Nurses are not just our collegeues but they are family. During an emergency, nurses from all areas of the hospital come together to provide the best care possible for the patient. While walking in the hospital, you meet nurses from other units and we all talk to each other. everyone knows one another. I communite 40-50 minutes each day for the last 20+ years because I love coming to work with my collegues

  36. Margery says:

    I say “Yes! This is Nursing” when a coworker asks if I need any help. We support each other and share our knowledge to best support our clients.

  37. Norm Greenway says:

    What makes me say #Yes,This is Nursing? When I look around me and observe nurses thriving in a wide variety of challenging roles. Front line nurses, nurse leaders, nurse clinicians, Acute and Community! I am amazed and proud to be a part of this profession.

  38. Lindsey says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I’m supporting my patient and their family through their recent diagnosis with cancer, holding their hand and just listening and using my clinical judgement to make sure they’re getting the best care! #yesthisisnursing is seeing patients in their most vulnerable state and doing what we can to make it better.

  39. W says:

    #YesThis IsNursing on a daily basis. It is satisfying for us and our patients/clients when we can
    collaborate to expedite their discharge in a safe manner. Many of our patients/clients are so grateful for what we do. Let’s keep up the good work.

  40. Nick says:

    I love nursing because it is like one of those addiciting binge watching netflix series or TV show that never ends like SURVIVOR. It always has an introduction, conflict, and resolution, not necessarily in that order. Each shift set and group of clients allows me to be consumed in their world, which gives me the opportunity to be the slightest change that they might need. Furthermore, when the going gets tough I can always count on the amazing team I have to solve any issues that pop up!
    This is way I wake up everymorning and say #YESThisIsNursing !

  41. Blair says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I see Nurses collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to provide optimal care to our patients! Happy National Nursing Week! 🙂

  42. Erin Tang says:

    As an outpatient heart failure educator, I say #yesthisisnursing to my patients when they are surprised to see me at their bedside before discharge, delivering the heart failure education class they are attending, assessing them at their follow up appointment with the cardiologist, and then on the phoning them at home for telehealth!

  43. yuanping long says:

    i love nursing ! i am pround to work in VGH as a RN, happy to see my patient get back home safely

  44. It’s being able to say to a young man in high school that it’s the Best Profession. And when he asks why, the range of answers is as diversified as the areas we practice in; from 35 bed rural where I am now to multi-specialty teaching certres, where I was for the last few decades. Putting the patient first from womb to tomb, celebrating caring with colleagues in nursing and other disciplines, knowing we make a difference. Lifelong learning and opportunity to take our work on the road. The best “I think I’ll try this” choice I ever made

  45. Jason Cheung says:

    VCH Nurses are an integral part of the care that we provide our patients. As frontline staff, not only does their work impact our patient’s health and safety, but their can-do attitude and hard work ethic bring such a positive and contagious energy to patients and other staff. 3 cheers for VCH nurses

  46. Cheryl Chan says:

    #YesThisIsNursing – Being a nurse for over 25 years in VCH, I have seen the amazing work that nurses do in all areas of the field. From management, middle management, Educators, Patient Care Coordinators, Residential Care Coordinators, Clinical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and front line nurse. I am proud to be a NURSE!!!

  47. Sharon Carroll says:

    It is a great privilege to work with such dedicated and knowledgeable nursing staff in our rural location. We have a tremendous healthcare team who strive for professionalism and quality in their everyday practice which contributes to being known as one of the friendliest and collaborative hospitals within the VCH region. Putting patients and families first in this multicultural environment is all in a days work and is just part of what nurses do. Thank you to not only the nurses, but to the entire healthcare team, for the exceptional roles you play in maintaining health for members of our community, and for visitors to our area, in the Great Bear Rainforest.

  48. eleanor says:

    Nobody comes to the ED when they are having a great day; they come because they are having a bad day, maybe the worst day of their life. And we can’t always fix that, or diagnose, or heal it or solve the crisis, but we can always provide moments of brightness in a dark day with our skills and our care. And we do, because #YesThisisNursing

  49. Tiffany Tang says:

    Nurses have the best knowledge about how our patients are doing, what their concerns are and also what the main concerns are for families. They are an integral part of the team !

  50. Camille says:

    When it’s a crazy busy shift, but you smile cuz your amazing co-workers have your back! #YesThisisNursing

  51. SZE YUEN says:

    SY says:

    It’s 26 years in nursing. I still enjoy my nursing journey and adventures. A tough and sophisticated caring service to all kinds of people indeed.


  52. Giancarla says:

    When my patients come back to visit and stay that my work made all the difference. This is what makes me say #YesThisisNursing.

  53. Brett says:

    Nursing is…showing up for a shift, whether its days or night, sometimes exhausted before the shift has even begun, having to manage to give the best care to many different patients and their families, for the next 12 hours. During your next 12 hours, you must critically think, plan, intervene and reassess while trying to learn and understand new diseases or skills as you go. You must realize that if you make a mistake, it may be critical in that patients ability to survive…During those 12 hours, you may be upset, you may cry, you may be spit on or assaulted, you may be overwhelmed with happiness by saving a life or you may be scared as hell, but you put on a smile and move onto the next patient to assist them with whatever they may need. Nursing is working so hard and never quitting even when patients and families continue to bother you and pull you away from your tasks. Nursing is being so tired and overwhelmed, hoping to close those Emergency doors so that no more patients can come in, but having no choice, side stretchering very sick patients in order to make room for the next wave of sick people needing to be seen. Nursing is going into a patients room, realizing they are crashing and need emergent intervention. You may end up intubating that patient, inserting intravenous lines, hanging life saving medications at specific rates, and titrating to the patients responses, being caught up for long periods of time with that single patient and finally exiting the room to realize you have two other admissions that have just been placed in your beds. Just when you are feeling overwhelmed, you see your nursing co-workers have already recognized everything else in your assignment that needed to be done.. That is how special nurses and nursing is…. at the end of the many days like this you can go home and think to yourself with a smile #YesThisIsNursing

  54. Warren Santiago says:

    We work in a very stressful environment (critical care) and deal with a rollercoaster of emotions. But at the end of the day, the trust you develop with patients and their families, the thank yous you get, and the sickest patients leave the hospital and go home, THAT IS MY PSYCHOLOGICAL PAYCHECK!

  55. Michelle Hang says:

    As a nurse, I love meeting new people and watching them get better! Couldn’t do it without my amazing colleagues 🙂

  56. Kelly says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing each time I hear a patient express gratitude and appreciation for all that I have done for them, and see a genuine smile on their face as they are being discharged! <3

  57. Crystal says:

    I love the personal moments with patients and familes, when you have time to make conversation and laugh at the same time as whiping their bum.

  58. Renee, M says:

    #this is nursing>> helping patients through their health care journeys, making them feel safe and comfortable, because you work with the best team ever.

  59. Elaine says:

    Their dedication to care and collaboration with the team make a world of difference to our clients, families, and colleagues!

  60. Kenny says:

    I’m proud to work with the amazing nursing staff at VCH because of their amazing work ethic and capability to work in such a busy-bodied environment, as well as ability to keep their cool. I remember working with an ICU nurse who was on CCOT and she took the time to explain procedures to me, the reason she would do things and I also admired how she was coaching other nurses on the floors on how they could also be proactive about their situations, having the ability to intervene with their patients while help is on its way.

  61. Bonnie W says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I feel great about what I do in my practice, even the little things. The days I control my patients’ pain levels adequately by providing pain medications, mobilize my elderly patients out of bed to eat meals, and go the extra mile to talk with and reassure a stressed family member. It always helps when patients, coworkers and supervisors tell me I am doing a good job.

  62. Monica says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when you come to work and there is always something new to learn.

  63. Monica says:

    I say # YesThisIsNursing I love my patients and I treat them as my family. The OR is my second family .

  64. Grace says:

    Behind the dedication, compassion, knowledge, professionalism and passion; nurses are human beings that leave a positive impact on patients’ and their families lives, no matter what. Truly amazing people to work with!!!

  65. Ada says:

    I’m extremely proud being a ‘side-kick’ of my best nursing team in my dept. It’s incredible to watch them work diligent with best care, patience with their assignment. Their postiive empowerment of ‘we do care’ towards their patients shows their encouragement for the highest practice of nursing. Their roles in our society is highly commended and they’ve proven their professional skills in its peak at each and every shift of theirs. Happy Nursing Week to my lovely nurse friends! They are the best of dee best! 🙂 Prayers to all of them!

  66. Sukh says:

    Nurses are the best .They are an integral part of the team ! I am proud to be a part of such a supportive, creative, intelligent group.

  67. Margaret Perry says:

    I say #yesthisisnursing when we come together as a team and problem solve and work together to find solutions!

  68. Jan Gazley says:

    I feel #yesthisisnursing when…

    *person centered care and best practice are at the forefront of interventions
    *empowering clients and families to understand their concerns and voices matter
    *planning for fundamental issues such as loneliness and literacy
    *creatively collaborating with others
    *advocating and raising standards of care
    *celebrating the diversity of our profession along with its unlimited opportunity!
    Carry on

  69. Raman bagry says:

    When your patient gives you a heart felt thank you and says you helped me get better. Without you I would still be in hospital.

  70. Krystin says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I hear a patient say at the end of my shift, “Thank you for being a wonderful Nurse!”.

  71. Heather Walker says:

    I love working with nurses because they are so caring. I see so much compassion, often in the most difficult circumstances. I have so much respect for the hard work they do every day. Thanks to you all!

  72. James says:

    I’m very proud to work with my nursing team as they always put great effort into providing care to families and patients alike.

    They are great and knowing what is happening, and are often my main source of referrals as they are the ones with families/patients at all hours and advise me when something needs attention. Couldn’t do my job without them.

  73. Jerique says:

    When working with VCH nurses, I am most proud of how willing they are to give their time, energy, expertise and compassion to ensuring that patients get the best care possible especially when patients are at their most vulnerable state.

  74. Nicholas T says:

    I say #yesthisisnursing when I see nurses going out of their way to make a positive impact on patient care!

  75. Claire says:

    Professional, efficient and caring!
    Can’t imagine to work without these wonderful people 🙂

  76. Nimira says:

    I am very proud to work with VCH Nurses because they are truly the front line staff. As an EEG technologist, I get to work alongside many nurses in challenging situations and with challenging patients. Our nurses realized that we all have a job to do and are more than willing to help us out so that we can do our job easier and ultimately help the patients. Thanks to all the great nurses at VGH who not only look after the patients but also help the allied staff get their job done. You ALL are awesome!

  77. Sukhi says:

    As nurses we have the power to make a difference in people’s lives. Nurses take care of the patients when patients are are going through a rough phase of their lives. The satisfaction that we nurses feel to watch a patient get better and walk out the door is the fuel that keeps us going.

    Great teams and management like VGH is key to a good unit, happy nurses and great patient outcomes.

  78. I am a PCA and proud to work with VCH Nurses. We laugh, we cry, we hold hands, we educate, we learn, and we provide the 5 star care to all of are residents/patients. We are willing to do what ever it takes to give the best possible care. Nurses are leaders, but most of all HERO’s.

  79. Jeannette patacsil says:

    I love being a nurse .
    Its a profession that never stops giving.
    Rewarding , diverse and flexible career.

  80. nicholas says:

    I honestly say #YESTHISISNURSING when patients bring us any form of food, even fruit! you should see the smile that instantly hits my face as i reach for a piece during my breaks! ps Chocolate is my favourite.

  81. diana de guzman says:

    Nurses:What makes you say #YesThisIsNursing when you’re at work?

    Working with my amazing team of nurses especially when we are able to have fun and improve our patient’s health and recovery!

  82. James says:

    What makes me proud to work with VCH nurses?
    It’s the fact that they can work so well under stress and meet or exceed patient care requirements each and every day. I can always be sure that nurses know everything about the patient they’re caring for and reliably relay information to the entire team to help with optimal patient care.

  83. Marly says:

    I say #YESThisIsNursing because they and their colleagues make sure that our system does the best possible for each person that needs our care. We’re very lucky to have their skill, compassion and smiles as part of the team.

  84. Alice says:

    I am very proud to be working with VCH nurses as they go above and beyond for their patients on a daily basis. As a Allied Health professional I also rely on nurses for their thoughtful insight and comprehensive knowledge of the patients.

  85. Diana says:

    #Yes! This is nursing when I can make a difference in someones journey..and they remember how I made them feel!
    Happy Nurses week to all the Nurses…I feel blessed 🙂

  86. Victoria Adams says:

    I am proud to work with VCH nurses because I have not come across a nurse who is not dedicated, hard working, and passionate. At VCH quality care is a priority. Nurses are awesome, especially when they work together.

  87. leona says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I see all my fellow nurses work hard each and everyday to provide the best care possible for each patient and their families.

  88. Harinder says:

    I say this is #yesthisisNursing when I see nurses being there for everyone and anyone!! …the patients, families, colleagues, and each other. Nurses get interrupted so many times by so many people as they go about doing their work.I feel proud to be a nurse when I see how relentless and dedicated we are for the well-being of the patients/families under our care regardless of the interruptions, limited resources, complex patients, and busy and ever changing health care.

  89. Donna says:

    Nursing to me is when that patient looks back at me and sometimes even though they can’t speak they say thanks! It can be that warm smile, a wink, a wave or just the glisten in their eyes…it’s the feeling I get back from the patients. Really that’s what it’s all about!

  90. Ryan L says:

    When you’re suctioning a trach and the RT is bagging and your coworker is doing vibes and cough assist and your visor is a speckled mess and your gown is a biohazard wasteland and your on your last 5ml pink NS and the vent hasn’t been silenced and the pulse ox is still plugged into the wall alarming the overhead for hours AAAND bam, the plug comes out and SATS jump to 97%. That’s my #Yesthisisnursing moment.

  91. Claire says:

    What makes me proud to work with VCH nurses? Their compassionate care for our patients and their diverse knowledge and abilities. I am so grateful to work alongside VCH nurses.

  92. Kit says:

    # YesThisIsNursing when I can see the work I am doing has a direct impact on patient outcomes and the confidence and competence of the nurses I support.

  93. Geena Braich says:

    what makes me proud to work with VCH Nurses?

    The nurses here on the Dtes go an extra mile for the clients, which makes me proud to be apart of an amazing team.

  94. Alida Fernhout says:

    I’ve been tagging photos about all the things that are “nursing” – this past winter, that included shoveling the snow in front of our clinic every few hours so patients could safely access the entrance and avoid falling and fractures. shoveling snow – #thisisnursing

  95. Ruth MacDonald says:

    What makes me proud to work with VCH Nurses? When I see them every day, go above and beyond to ensure good patient care. I’ve seen them come in early to ensure an Endoscopy procedure gets done, and I’ve seen them not only care for the patient, but include the family member(s) as part of the patient care. They include me as part of their team, even though Im’ clerical.

  96. Guy Felicella says:

    What makes me proud to work with nurses? They care and have compassion towards individuals needs. They go above and beyond the call of duty and work hard to meet the needs of everyone, fantastic team at connections!

  97. AnA says:

    What makes you say #YesThisIsNursing when you’re at work?

    When a patient looks me in the eye with that sincere and genuine look and says “THANK YOU”

  98. Susan L says:

    Our Medical Imaging departments have some of the most wonderful, caring, resourceful and patient centered nurses I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Truly, our departments just function without these dedicated and knowledgeable individuals!!

  99. Matthew says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I feel a strong sense of teamwork and support from my colleagues

  100. Melissa B says:

    When you have a story to tell about something gross, or scary, or emotionally charged that has changed your life but you know only colleagues will understand it in a way that others cannot #YesThisIsNursing.

  101. Carla says:

    When its 6:30pm (30 min of work left) one of your patients has a pain crisis, one is vomitting, PAR calls to give you report on your fresh post- op, you get a “suprise” admission” from the ER and you call a Code Blue on another patient!! Nothing like multi tasking!! #YesThisIsNursing

  102. Brenda says:

    The nurses at my work site are team players and we work together to provide the best care to our residents. They are knowledgable and never tire of helping me understand the physiology of our bodies. Thanks for your care!

  103. Julia Steiner says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing when I come home from a stressful day at work exhausted, but know that it was all worth it because I worked really hard to help meet my clients’ needs. Whether I’m working at VGH in acute medicine or in the downtown eastside as a CHN, I know that the work that I and my colleaguse do is so valuable and I love every day of it!

  104. Teri says:

    I hear many stories when I visit the nurses at my work site. The best one lately was ” Oh I didn’t expect that toe to fall off when I removed that dressing” I was like What??? #YesThisIsNursing Our nurses are the best!

  105. Jason says:

    I am a social worker and I simply could not do my job without the amazing nurses on our team. I often think of them as the ‘go to’ people on the floor; when I need to know the emotional temperature of the patient with complex issues before visiting 1:1, I go to our nurses. They are often there to reinforce what I am trying to do in my own work by supporting patients, using RN clinical care time to reinforce what the entire team is trying to do in terms of help. I have often come on to my next shift and had nursing tell me that the patient has “changed his / her mind”. When I hear patients walk by the nursing station and say “thanks, you’re awesome”, I know that they are heartfelt comments. Our nurses rule! You’re the best. Thank you so much for your caring, compassion and humour for not just the people we serve, but your entire team!

  106. Barb Lawrie says:

    Wow..I am so impressed by the amazing and thoughtful responses. I am really struck by how so many of the responses capture both the Art and the Science of nursing and I thank all of you. #YesThisIsNursing!!!!

  107. Duniya Maiwand says:

    Being a Nurse is the knowledge of knowing you have brought some form of peace & comfort to an ailing patient. When their loved ones thank you with unabashed gratitude and gratefulness because they realize they are in good hands; it’s simply empowering and humbling at the same time. As a Nurse you feel that “yes! I have made some kind of a difference in someone’s life today” and there’s not a better kind of rush and it makes you proud & and say #YesThis IsNursing!

  108. Duniya Maiwand says:

    Being a Nurse is in the knowledge of knowing you have brought some form of peace and comfort to an ailing patient. When their loved ones thank you with unabashed gratitude and gratefulness because they realize that they’re in good hands; it’s simply empowering and humbling at the same time. As a Nurse you feel that “yes! I have made some kind of a difference in someone’s life today” and there’s no other form of high or a better kind of adrenaline rush than that and it simply makes you proud to say- “This is my profession, my identity and #YesThisIsNursing!”

  109. Margaret S says:

    #yesthisnursing When I’m at work and by 0800 have already done 2 suppositories and an enema! Call me the #poopfairy LOL!

  110. Kate says:

    I can truly say #yesthisisnursing when I prep healthy food, bike to work, run up the stairs and drink all the water then blow it all by 3 pm when a box of Purdy’s chocolates gets gifted, an MD brings in treats and the manager buys the unit a cake.

  111. Claudia says:

    It is an honor to have the opportunity to assist the nurses hand in hand while patients are being patients, and work through all the good and challenging days in a group that works as a team with its mind and heart at its best.

  112. Jen says:

    What makes me say #yesthisnursing is when I provide 1:1 therapeutic communication with a patient. Every day I get the privilege to work with a demographic that inspires me to be a better nurse than I was the last shift, reducing stigma in mental health and advocating for my patients!

  113. Halima says:

    Omg when we go out and can not stop talking about work and start feeling bad for our friends that are not in our field of work and wishing they know what we are talking about.I love what i do,its especially wonderful when you hear the word thank you for being here and we do not know what we would do without u all, my thinking always is if its not me it would be somebody else so i am so greatful to be a Resident Care Aide. #YesThisIsNursing;;;”Nursing is loving,caring for one another,we all need to be nursed.

  114. Gagandeep says:

    I say # Yes this is nursing when I see clients returning to thier community with a great smile and thanking our dedicated hard working professional team that made this happen. It is rewarding to see how humans cope to thier disabilities and make the the best out of it with humour. Rehab nursing is my passion and I am a proud rehab nurse.

  115. Providing the best patient care without compromise. Nurses provide the support when patients are not always at their best and do it without question providing support, care and that shoulder sometimes to cry on or to be listen to when scared. #YesThisIsNursing

  116. Alyza P says:

    I’m new to healthcare and seeing the amount of work and skill involved in Nursing impresses the heck out of me! We have quite a few challenging residents here at George Pearson and each Nurse I come across has been super compassionate and caring towards each and every one. No one is treated badly or cruel, they’re treated as if they were family, and with respect. Hearing a Nurse chant “its BM day, its BM day” is the oddest thing I’ve come across, but clearly they love their job no matter what they are doing! #YesThisIsNursing

  117. Alice says:

    I’m very proud to work with VCH nurses as they go above and beyond on a daily basis. As an Allied Health profressional I rely on their expertise and knowledge to provide care for my patients.

  118. Krista says:

    The shifts where you support a family every step of the way with no chance to nourish your own body with food or rest, coaching and supporting until your throat is dry and your own body is cramping. The resulting look of immense trepidation and overwhelming joy as a new baby enters the world and you realize that for the briefest of moments in this new being’s life, you were part of it all. #YesThisIsNursing

  119. Irma says:

    When I’m at work, I am proud to say #YesThisIsNursing when I’m helping my patients and their families at one of their most vulnerable points of their lives. Anything from helping them with their wound care, coordinating care between our allied health care colleagues, teaching them about their medications and administering them safely…or simply holding their hand when they feel scared and alone. This is an inspirational profession, with limitless opportunities to evolve the nursing profession for providing better patient care and health care delivery.

  120. Angela says:

    When you are feeling overworked, overstressed, overtired, and a patient says “Thank you for looking after me” #YesThisis Nursing

  121. Nicole says:

    No matter how challenging your day is, we know at the end of it all, we’re truly making a difference for our patients when they’re experiencing the best and worst days of their lives.


  122. Irma says:

    What makes me say #YESThisIsNursing is being there for my patients and their loved ones at their most vulnerable point of their lives. Whether it be providing wound care, collaborating with our allied health colleagues for coordinating various services, providing teaching about medications and administering them safely….or simply holding their hands and being there for them when they feel scared and alone. The Nursing profession has capacity to evolve into amazing opportunities for nurses to provide even better patient health care delivery and I am proud to be able to be in a role that can make a positive impact for them.

  123. Jess says:

    #Yesthisisnursing happens when things are hectic but you and your team are coming together and all the different roles are working like a well tuned machine.

  124. Rebecca says:

    Asking whether you had your poop for the day? Having a chat about your cute cat while you’re having a gloomy day? Sharing a laugh with you about the recent elections? #YesThisIsNursing! An amazing privilege where we get down and dirty while connecting with you in your tough times.

  125. Emily, PHN says:

    I say #YesThisIsNursing everyday, when I see healthy, well children thriving in the community – at the mall, grocery stores, in school playgrounds or even just out for a walk. This validates that my work matters – #PreventionAndHealthPromotion, #PublicHealthWorks.

  126. sheila says:


  127. Jorge says:

    To become a nurse in another country with a variety of cultures and a different language than my mother tounge was a big challenge for me. Despite all the barriers an specially the language, I did not give up. I became a nurse 3 years ago. Since that I have been working as a nurse because I love my job and I love to help people. My priority every day at work is the well being of my clients. I use to say if my clients are happy I am happy. This can be translated as #YesThisisNursing. Happy Nursing Week.

  128. Laura says:

    When you have a patient facing an unknown, they are tense and afraid. I had a patient facing a big unkown recently, the possibility of getting a colostomy. He was in knots wondering what it would be like, would there be stigma, would it be hard to recover from and care for? When you leave that patients room having validated his feelings of fear and anxiety and the tears have turned to smiles, the patient no longer worried . When some time and simple education completely change the mind set of someone afraid, to someone empowered. This is when you say #YesThisisNursing. Happy nurses week everyone!

  129. Valerie Mazzelli says:

    #YesThisIsNursing when caring for a prominent community member or “celebrity”, they look to me as the expert in my field. You can see it in their eyes, so glad to have me in their corner at a very stressful and unusal time. I often get this feeling from family members as well. Very proud and greatful to be in this postion, very humbling as well.

  130. andrea says:

    When its 1am and you realize you have not eaten anything, you water bottle is empty and you have not got to the Bathroom yet but all your patients are sleeping, pain free, meds given, fluids running and smiles on their dreaming faces,#YesThisIsNursing

  131. Allison says:

    When I combine the science and the art of nursing. I know that I make a difference every day. #YesThisIsNursing

  132. Sheetal says:

    I’m very fortunate to be part of the nursing team at VGH. Acute care setting can be very hectic at times but the nurses do an amazing job. The time and dedication they put towards taking care of their patients is remarkable. It’s so rewarding to see when a patient regains their independence due to the hard work put in by nurses. What makes me say #YesThisIsNursing is when you see a nurse with stool or vomit on their scrubs, yes it happens.

  133. joy says:

    When one cares, listens, and makes a difference to someone be a patient, client, resident and their loved ones no mater what, when and how…#YesThisisNursing!

  134. Jan says:

    When you’re exhausted, feeling overworked and burnt out and have under-eye bags the size of your handbag but your patient tells you how much they appreciate you and you instantly forget all the negative feelings. #YesThisIsNursing!

  135. Angela M says:

    When you wake up in the middle of the night to dreams of callbells, and your thoughts immediately go to your patients, wondering how they’re doing… #YesThisIsNursing

  136. Diana Provido says:

    Yes this is Nursing,when I Feel for my client,putting myself in their shoes. “Therapeutic Use of Self ” This makes me fulfilled in my role as a Nurse.

  137. raj says:

    When you are doing chest compression and your arms start feeling heavy but you keep going because you want to save the patient’s life#YesThisIsNursing

  138. Ng Wai King says:

    Everyday I worry while I am walking from parking lot to our unit for work, who’s the patient that I need to take care of? Some patients are nice, some are tense, some are anxious, and some are aggressive. I just take a deep breath and get myself ready for my patients with the best of my knowledge, before I enter our init. YesThisIsNursing… I am proud of myself being one of the nurses working at VGH, as this is one of the teaching hospitals, and some critically ill patients are airlifted here from remote areas to be treated, and some patients are being airlifted from far away to have their transplant and gifted with a new life.

  139. Karen says:

    #YesThisisNursing … when you can openly chat about weird bodily functions over drinks or a meal.

  140. Jyotika says:

    When you break that roti with your fingers and suddenly remember where that finger has been throughout your shift…#YesThisisNursing !

  141. Analiza Suano says:

    What makes me say #YesThisIsNursing is when I am able to manage with the help of my awesome colleagues the care of all our residents. If I am able to plan ahead at the beginning of my shift, communicate our resident’s needs to my co-workers and execute our care safely, that is when being a nurse becomes worthwhile; knowing that I am working with a great team. No matter what kind of stresses occur during our shift, they all dissappears at the end of our shift, because we know that our residents are sleeping soundly, they are safe and that they got the best care that they deserve. On my way home after each shift, I can’t help but be thankful; our job as a nurse is a wonderful privilege that comes with great responsibilities but its so rewarding that we continue to do it every single day, no matter how tiring and complicated it may be, and that alone give us an unimaginable satisfaction.

  142. Byron Sherk says:

    Nursing is special to me because I have grown so much personally because of influential and caring patients, doctors, fellow nurses and coworkers. It is because of these individuals that have all made me into a better human being. That wouldn’t be possible without the avenue of nursing!

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