“When you can’t go a day without talking about bowels!”

Donald wrote that what makes him say #YesThisIsNursing is: “When you can’t go a day without talking about bowels.”

Nothing like humour in the workplace to break the tension and make work enjoyable!


Have you heard about the contest underway to celebrate National Nursing Week, May 8-14? We asked nurses “What makes you say ‘YesThisIsNursing’ when you’re at work?” and non-nurses “What makes you proud to work with VCH nurses?”

The comments are pouring in for a chance to win VCH work clothing packages valued at $65!

A few more of the comments shared so far:

Hayley says: When you sit quietly on the bus home and think about your day – staring out the window and knowing that the person beside you would not believe what you saw or what you did on your shift, or knowing that what you witnessed that day will be imprinted in your memory for the rest of your life. #YesThisIsNursing and it’s a front row seat to the human experience.

Steph says: What makes me say “#YesThisIsNursing ” when I am at work? The great feeling I get when I have supported a home care client in their home, and they express their thanks for me and their gratitude for not having to go to the hospital. Also knowing I have made a patient spend their last days on earth comfortable and pain free, in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by their loving family members.

Sharon says: It is a great privilege to work with such dedicated and knowledgeable nursing staff in our rural location. We have a tremendous healthcare team who strive for professionalism and quality in their everyday practice which contributes to being known as one of the friendliest and collaborative hospitals within the VCH region. Putting patients and families first in this multicultural environment is all in a days work and is just part of what nurses do. Thank you to not only the nurses, but to the entire healthcare team, for the exceptional roles you play in maintaining health for members of our community, and for visitors to our area, in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Eleanor says: Nobody comes to the ED when they are having a great day; they come because they are having a bad day, maybe the worst day of their life. And we can’t always fix that, or diagnose, or heal it or solve the crisis, but we can always provide moments of brightness in a dark day with our skills and our care. And we do, because #YesThisisNursing

James says: I’m very proud to work with my nursing team as they always put great effort into providing care to families and patients alike. They are great at knowing what is happening, and are often my main source of referrals as they are the ones with families/patients at all hours and advise me when something needs attention. Couldn’t do my job without them.

It’s not just for nurses

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  • Managers & Directors
  • Nursing
  • Nursing Unit Clerks
  • Patient Escort

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