My VCH survey. Who’s done it? Who hasn’t? The answer might surprise you.

The numbers are in, and there’s some friendly competition underway! So far, 4,723 staff members or 30% of staff overall have completed their My VCH survey. The survey completion rate by community of care is:

  • 25% in Vancouver Acute
  • 34% in Vancouver Community
  • 31% in Richmond
  • 27% in Coastal

My VCH survey completion rates by community of care as of Sept 28, 2017.

There’s still time to have your say

Your personal link to the My VCH survey arrived in your work email inbox. Our goal is that 75% of staff will complete the survey. If you have not completed the survey, we’re hoping that will you will participate and share your honest thoughts about our organization’s health to help drive real change.

Please do not forward your survey invitation to others. Your personal survey link is for you only—sharing your link means that others will complete the survey on your behalf.

The survey is open for participation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between September 25 and October 6, 2017. The survey is only available online, but can be accessed and completed from any computer with an Internet connection. It can also be completed from your home computer or tablet. Although it is available on smartphone devices such as Blackberry, iPhone or Android phones, it is not optimized for those devices and would be best completed on a computer, laptop or tablet, like an iPad.

Who can take the survey?

This is a survey for VCH employees and medical staff only. We appreciate that there may be colleagues on your site such as Lower Mainland Consolidated employees, or our contracted service providers who are not eligible to complete the online survey. Yet, we want them to know that their service and contributions to our overall health system are truly valued. If they are interested in sharing their feedback about working at a VCH site they can send it to: This email address is confidential and their feedback will be grouped together with those from all other staff and randomized.

Pop-up booths and visits

Information kiosks are still open at our larger VCH sites, and survey promotional materials and treats have been dropped off at all Community Health Centres. Site visits are happening at residential care facilities and facilities up the Sea to Sky corridor and on the Sunshine Coast. Mary Ackenhusen and other leaders will continue to visit various sites throughout the survey window, encouraging participation and handing out treats. See highlights from this past week in the video below.

…and there are prizes!

Staff should go to to check the latest list of winning prize codes, which will be posted daily over the survey period. Thursday’s grand prize is a Fitbit. Friday has two big prizes – a Chromecast and a Samsung Tablet!

I completed the survey. Take me to the winning prize codes!


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact



  1. Maria says:

    I have done my survey and been encouraging others to do so as a vehicle to provide feedback to the organization both for things that support a healthy, respectful, safe culture and those that could be changed to do so. The most common response I have received is that people are not going to fill in the survey as they fear retribution if they identify challenges to a healthy culture in VCH and those comments are then linked to them personally.

    Much of the promotional material for this survey has told us that our link to the survey is individualized and that we must not share it as someone else would then fill the survey out on our behalf. This makes it very clear that, should the organization wish to, the individual responses could be tracked to the individual employee. While this also allows for prize incentives to be offered, I believe that this same aspect has provided an unintended disinsentive to filling in the survey.

    I suppose that this is in itself a form of feedback about the culture in the organization but I fear that it may leave the people who are feeling the most unsafe in their workplace underrepresented in the results. It was not until I had decided to complete the survey that I read the information assuring me that the information would be aggregated by the research company and and identifying information severed and the data returned in large enough groupings so as to protect people’s identity. It may be helpful to have this information front and centre in the promtional material. It would involve people having to take VCH at their word and trusting ther research company but it might be sufficient to encourage some fearful people to take the survey when they know that these protections have been put in place.

    I believe that the staff feeling least safe and supported in the workplace are some of the most important voices to have at the table and any way to create a safe, trauma informed, way of accessing those voices would strengthen the feedback received.

    1. Mary says:

      Thanks Maria for your feedback. I too am concerned as I’ve heard this fear of retribution as well. I can fully commit to every staff member that it is impossible for anyone in VCH to know any individual response for the reasons you’ve noted – once staff submit their response, they are just a number and their name is “lost” when the data goes to be aggregated.

      I agree that this fear is very telling about our current culture and speaks to why it is so important for us to take on this work to create a high performing and safe work environment. Please feel free to share this message widely as we must hear from all voices to know that we fully understand the problems with the current VCH. If we don’t have the right diagnosis, we won’t have the right action for a cure.

      Thank you for speaking up publicly about this challenge we have.

      Mary Ackenhusen

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