Laurie Dawkins, Director of Corporate Communications (left) presents Yvette from VCH Library Services (right) with a prize from the #MyVCH selfie contest.

One day left to complete your My VCH survey

Over 56% of you have completed the My VCH Survey – thank you!

Tomorrow is your last day to complete the My VCH survey! It will close at midnight on Friday, Oct. 6. The collective feedback across VCH will help us identify areas where we can make improvements to create a better workplace, and in doing so, make us a more effective organization. There’s no benefit to staying silent and potentially huge benefits to taking part.

What you need to know

  • Survey responses are anonymous and confidential. All survey data is being managed by a third party; at no time does VCH see the raw data or individual answers. Managers will not be able to see individual level responses, and will not receive a report for their unit. Yes, the invitation is sent to your work email address, but only so the third party can verify everyone receives it. Neither your email nor any of your personally identifiable data is connected to your responses—your survey completion code is randomly generated by a computer. VCH will get a collective report on survey responses and the comments provided for any open-ended questions will be grouped together and randomized. Feel free to print and post this confidentiality summary.
  • All Vancouver Coastal Health employees and medical staff should have received a personal link to the survey in their inbox. The survey is open to all staff (full-time, part-time, casual, on leave) who are employed by VCH. If you work at a VCH site but are employed by another health authority or contracted service, please send your feedback to the confidential email address:
  • Please do not forward your survey invitation to others. Your personal survey link is for you only—sharing your link means that others will complete the survey on your behalf.
  • You don’t have to answer it all at once. If you started the survey but had to stop part way through, clicking the link you were sent will take you right back to where you left off!
  • If you are having technical issues, or want to send confidential feedback on the survey itself/additional qualitative comments, email

Prizes & fun

We’ve had daily winners of transit passes, gift cards, clothing vouchers and more. The upcoming grand prizes include a Fitbit and a Samsung tablet. The winning prize codes are posted on the My VCH website, and after the survey closes, watch VCH News for a full list of all unclaimed winning prize codes. You have until Dec. 31 to claim your prize.

Plus, if you post a selfie or groupie after completing the survey and use the hashtag #MyVCH (a public post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), you could win a gift basket! We had two winners from last week: @VCHLibrary and @JessieRodrigue (Please keep patient confidentiality in mind and take the photo against a My VCH banner or plain wall.)

My VCH in action

Watch the video below to see all the My VCH survey highlights, including some of the daily prize winners!

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